Day 1: LA – Joshua Tree

First day of travel! Full of energy, full of excitement!
On our first day, we had to wake up at 2 am. Last night, of course, went late with sleeping, so its pretty hard to be full of anything else then tiredness.
We had just sold our car last week, so our plan was to get in the bus (not our first choice, but the only choice) because trains didn’t go in that ungodly hour. So, the bus. Because Uncle Scrooge comes asking me for advice how to be a stingy son of a bi€ch, I was thinking we are going to walk to the bus station, with our big luggage, after all its only couple of hundred meters, 400 about. Ain’t it my luck that it rains. From our door to the taxi stop, its 50 meters. So, stuff in the cab, drive 350 meters to bus station and stuff you luggage in the bus.


I’m happy to say that the bus ride went smoothly. My prejudice was all for nothing, bus brought us right to the airport in Helsinki-Vantaa. It was easy and effortless.
Because to flight with one sitting straight to US is killing us (hubby is a tall man and small airplane seats doesn’t work well with him) and my knees and back start to kill me slowly but painfully with long sittings, we took couple of connection flights to Los Angeles. First stop was in Paris and second was in Detroit, both connection flights from Delta Air Lines. (BTW, Delta Air Lines has the funniest security videos I have seen, you can check some of them in Youtube)
So this far the day has broke down to this:
2 am woke up
3 am Bus leaves
7.32 am the plane leaves from Helsinki to Paris
10.49 at local time (11.49 Finland time) plane leaves from Paris to Detroit
15.25 at local time (22.25 Finland time)  plane leaves from Detroit to LAX.
17.25  at local time (3.25 am at Finland time) we are in LAX.
So this point we have been traveling for 24 straight hours and about 11 thousand kilometers. WAU. And I have to say, I just love how time zones work. You look at your cell phone clock and are like “hey, cool, Im already in LAX and I have been traveling only 14 hours. In one day, fantastic! But when you come back, its like “aaaaww… where did the day go? I lost one day from my life and I won’t ever get it back.”


Aaawww… pretzels. My favorite. Thank Delta, I “pretzel” you too!



So, you are in LAX, sun is shining, you are little bit confused is it day or night, you are dressed wrong, because you had to overdress to make it in Finland and you need to find shuttle that takes you to Budget, the car rental business. It was kind of easy task and then we hit the road.

For first night we had 150 kilometers to drive to till Joshua Tree, our first stop. We are kind of eager travelers and we didn’t want to spend the first night in LA, we were saving it to last, at this point we just wanted to get going and head to the adventures before us.

That was pretty much our first travel day, driving in darkness, founding some shop that we could get some supper and heading to the motel, which by the way, is presented in here, if you are interested to know our ratings for that fine establishment.

So. This was it. The first post of our 3 week road trip in West Coast. Thank you for reading. And don’t worry, not all posts are going to be this poor on quality. I didn’t take much photos by cam, just with old iPhone, so this is only going to be better. And thanks for my sweetie for couple of photos in this post.
Welcome all new readers, please join in!
– Jaana

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