Rating: High Desert Motel, Joshua Tree, CA

When arriving in USA for our 3 week road trip, our first stop was Joshua Tree in California. Because it was known that stop wouldn’t be long, we didn’t want to invest a lot to the accommodation. We choose High Desert Motel, next to the highway, easy to access, easy to leave. 
Room was promised WiFi, fridge and parking, no breakfast. Public WiFi didn’t work, so we asked other WiFi password and the staff gave us the password to their office WiFi. 
Room had a carpet floor which is always little bit bad thing, specially if you are allergic, but still the room was quite clean. 
Points given to the room were these (out of five points):

Cleanliness: 3,5
Service: 3
Comfort: 3
Condition: 3
Location: 2 
(because seriously, there’s pretty much nothing around)

Total points 2,9/5
(have received 6,7/10 in Priceline)
Pretty much your ordinary motel room. The average, pretty much. 
We booked the room from Priceline and paid $54,29. 
PS. Why there are Kahvi -bags in the room? I’m not asking why they have complementary coffee for visitors, but why, ou why, does it say “kahvi”  (aka coffee in Finnish). This is always little bit funny when we come to US and see Finnish words in the room. Its little bit like Caucasian people having “water” or “fire” kanji tattooed to their arms. Weird. Funny, but weird. 

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