Day 2: Joshua Tree – El Cajon

Road trip continues, and it is the sunrise of the Day 2. I have to say, modestly, that I’m the Best and The Worst travel companion, there is. When day starts to be too long, I’m no good. Seriously. On one of our trip, again to USA, traveling for a day, I almost fell asleep on my Sushi. I just fall in bed and pass out ASAP. There is no use of trying to get me excited about anything. No “let’s walk on the beach” or “let’s do something nice”. Lights out, pass out. Good night, see you in the morning. 

On the other hand, I need about 6-7,5 hours of sleep and I’m up and running, figuratively speaking, I do not run. When passing out at 10pm, I’m up at 4-5 am, ready to go! Again, this happened in this road trip too. Sorry hubby!
Morning sun was just rising, when we decided to continue our road trip. What could be cooler than see the sun rise in Joshua Tree National Park. Unfortunately we were just a few minutes too late in our lookout spot, but it was still very OK. So pretty. And something beautiful happened in that spot. We saw, that on the parking lot someone had been sleeping in their car. We saw this couple in their pyjamas watching the sunrise. There wasn’t anything weird about it, maybe they were homeless, maybe they were roadtripping on very low budget, I don’t know, but it didn’t bother us. Both of parties said good morning and life continued. Now, every one in US is thinking what’s so special in this. Let me tell you. If this would have been in Finland, people would have been like “Oh, they are hobos, don’t look at them! Keep your eyes on the ground, don’t look, don’t look. Act natural!” It didn’t matter what everyone was wearing, in that spot everyone was equal. And that is the one thing I really love in USA, every one treats others like equals. Everybody’s saying “Hi” and having a natural small talk. I really love that country! But now I got totally lost of my day.. sorry. 
Little bit more info and more pics about our trip to Joshua Tree National Park you can find my earlier post, post only about Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park in sunrise
Next Hubby had an idea to visit a Salvation Mountain. The spot was…. interesting. I’m not a religious person and this felt for me really like a pagan in holy land. Crucifixes, Bible Verses etc all over. Wow. When I managed to put that feeling aside and look at all the little paintings, I started to be little concern. The “art” is made out of adobe and straw that had been put in their mold and the result has been painted with oil based paint. My first reaction was, as always with my fear of heights, is this strong enough and will steps fail and after that is this good for nature. I’m not an expert of these things, but can this much oil paint in the nature be good for environment. Perhaps its OK, because nobody has told to demolish it. 
More pictures and some Wikipedia information about Salvation mountain you can find of my post about Salvation Mountain.  At the same stop we visited Slab City, what locates just a half a mile from Salvation Mountain. 

Quick stop at Slab City
Next stop on the day was Salton Sea. I didn’t know anything else about Salton Sea except it’s a movie. Now I know it’s much more. Salton Sea is one kind of natural disaster made by humans. Idea was good, to increase a water flow to farming area. What they did? They messed up with nature and destroyed something beautiful. Now there’s a largest lake in California, filled with seriously salted water. Well done. What we saw next was even more drastic. We drive around, for example Bombay Beach, where there was a “suburb”. The neighborhood was built out of trailers and houses and really interesting combination of these two. Most touching one was one trailer what was burn down last night, day before that… It was fresh. The owner was collecting her things out of the black wreckage. It was heart touching. I was so overwhelmed of this life in the Bombay Beach, that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry. 
Heartbroken in Salton Sea. 
After dirving 350 miles that day, we came to our last spot of the day: El Cajon, San Diego. Headed to local URBN St. Brewing Company for beer tasting (hubby) and little shopping the nearest mall (Me), we drove to our motel, Econo Lodge. It was strange day, I didn’t take photos of that place either. Weird. Must be the Jet Lag or something. 
While checking out the traffic, I have to say, WAU!!! Thank you for all of you guys checking out my blog! Hopefully this is the start for beautiful “blogship” ;D

– Jaana


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