Rating: Donut Bar, San Diego

b236e-otsikkoDay 3: El Cajon, CA - Escondido, CA
Mmmmm… donut!
Before our trip my hubby asked do I want to visit Donut Bar. What kind of question is that? Dooh, yes! When we arrived to the place, I was shocked how long the line was. Yeah, I got the memo about the long lines but I didn’t believe that. How long can they be?
Well… at that moment they were half a block.
When I finally arrived to the shop I could understand why there were lines. Doughnuts looked SO GOOD! There were over 20 different doughnuts and they looked HUGE! No wonder this place was selected the best restaurant in San Diego! They open in the morning, there is ALWAYS a line and they close when the doughnuts have run out. If you want to make it little bit easier, you can pre-order them from the net too.
Even thought that box that size may take half a dozen doughnuts so we selected 6: Blood Orange (quite nice), Big Poppa (Blueberry Pop Tart inside of doughnut, One Big “butt” Donut, we eat it for two days!), Salted Caramel (pretty nice, wouldn’t hurt to have little bit more sea salt though,but still very tasty!), Maple Bacon (YAM!), Butter Beer (for very sweet tooth moment) and Padres (quite basic Donut, picture seen below)
WAU! We ate these six bad boys for three days. They were good but big. I truly recommend for a visit place. You can of course also eat the pastries there, but I don’t even want to think how long line it is to tables if standing in line took about half an hour! But still worth the wait!
Day 4: Escondido, CA - Ridgecrest, CA

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