Silver Strand State Beach, Coronado, CA

When we headed to the beach, it was sunny but windy day. It felt little bit strange to drive miles with the shore line before you got yourself in to the beach park, but it’s a really long beach too. When we visited the place, there was a lower parking fee, $8. From May 18th to September 7th fee will be $10.

It was really nice idea to take picnic to the area and watch the beautiful sea (while eating half pound of Donut Bars Donuts in the car) and then go to the beach to dip toes in the water. Really lovely beach and I would love to visit more warmer day!

And for even more serious road trippers, campers, camping in the parking lot is available for self-contained vehicles, motor-homes, or trailers. Better call and ask the fee of camping. 

At the same ride we also made a quick stop in front of the Hotel del Coronado, famous luxery hotel. To quote wikipedia: “It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort.” It is the second largest wooden structure in the United States (and I have to say, it looked HUGE! No wonder it was the largest resort hotel in the world in 1888). Hotel is designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and a California Historical Landmark in 1970.
 The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books. Funniest story of them all is story about “Some Like It Hot” (1959). I’m not a stalker -blog tells this about the hotel: “Interestingly enough, Billy Wilder chose to shoot Some Like It Hot at the Del because at the time the hotel was in an economic decline so the owners let him film there for minimal costs. He also wanted to shoot at a place where Marilyn Monroe could stay on location – due to her numerous on-set antics, he did not want to take the risk of her not showing up to the set due to transportation problems.” 
Its really beautiful hotel, but unfortunately our budget for accommodation was so tight that one night in this hotel didn’t fit in it. 
Have a lovely day on the beach!

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