Day 3: El Cajon, CA – Escondido, CA

I think we have a great deal with my hubby. His hobby is beer tasting (little bit like tasting wine) and I don’t drink. I don’t say “at all”, but I drink very, very little. Next to “at all”. I sip, make a weird face and take the sip of my Arnold Palmer. When we visit breweries, I love the places where food is offered. What could be more perfect? He tastes all the beers he finds interesting and I eat everything I found Interesting. (No wonder my weight rises two pounds / road trip week…) This day was perfect!

Morning started early again for me, at 5am I heard alarm go off and I wasn’t sure was it our car. So early in the morning I sneak our to check outdoors. Oh that pool in the yard looked so good, but the air was bit cold so I wasn’t brave enough to jump in. Started the long wait to time to past to get to the breakfast. Luckily time was worth waiting: On breakfast room there was a waffle iron! WOO-HOO!!!

After breakfast we headed to the city, where there was one place which brings happiness in a box. Or in this case in two boxes: Donut Bar. The Donuts were so big, that our order didn’t fit in one box, and we only ordered “a six pack”. The Doughnuts looked as good as they tasted, I later discovered.

So we took our boxes with us and headed to the beach. Oh my Gosh, how long and gorgeous the beach was! It felt so fantastic to walk barefoot on the wet sand. To ocean person, long, cold and snowy winters are the worst, and this is just pure heaven!
After an overdose of doughnuts and getting sand between my toes, it was time to move on. Just quick stop at Hotel Del Coronado and towards Coronado Brewing Company. I wasn’t exactly hungry after eating tons of sugar, but I always feel so stupid sitting opposite of hubby when he’s tasting beers so I ordered Brewhouse Nachos. My unfortunate, they were good. Really good. I love chili and cilatro and these had both! I couldn’t stop eating. Big mistake. Big. Huge!
Next brewery stop would be in really fascinating area: Old Naval Training station. Hidden in the area there was Stone Brewing company. Now I had tough decision. To look stupid and drink my lemonade while sitting in the table and not the bar or eat myself in hospital. Quick calculation in my head; nobody knows me here, and I will never see these people again, so lets look stupid: lemonade please!
After Naval Station and Stone we headed to another, surprise, surprise, brewery! Ballast Point in San Diego. It was full. It was really full. You didn’t want to spend a lot of time in there, because you couldn’t find a seating. So, quick tasters for the hubby while I entertained a couple in our table. Noisy, crowded standing bar just didn’t do it for me. I bet, If we would have been in restaurant side, story would have been little bit different, but that’s not how this story rolls this time. Maybe next time!
So, our road trip continued quite quickly after this stop. Kindly enough, the couple in our table told that with in a mile from this place, there were at least 3 different breweries (well, you know, San Diego is the Capital of Brews in California ;D )
Pizza Port in Carlsbad. Finally seating place. But O-ou. What I’m going to do? Do I have to eat again? Quick look on the board: Ou yeah! They have Root Beer Floats! I have always wanted to taste one of those! Staff: Root Beer me!! 
Moments later we gave in for the great smell of pizza and ordered medium pizza to the table wash down with beer samplers and root beer float. Yet another Reflux attack. 
I feared, I prayed: No anymore! I can’t eat anymore! And the pray was heard. It was time to go to the hotel. YES! Last we arrived to our motel, Escondido Lodge in Escondido. Again I forgot to take pictures of the room while feeling sorry and angry for myself, but one little detail I remembered to take. This Little guy!
That was our third day of our road trip in West Coast. It was full of  beach, beer and pizza. And couple of donuts. 
Thanks for joining us again! See you guys tomorrow!


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