Day 5: Ridgecrest, CA – Las Vegas, NV

Ridgecrest. OK  motel, missed sunset, little town in middle of nowhere. Last possible stop before Death Valley. I was very eager to continue our road trip the next day. Ridgecrest didn’t have anything else to offer me. And till this point journey has been easy. Let’s lift the difficulty level up a notch: It’s Death Valley day! YES!
“Behind the scenes” type of picture. This is hat we left behind. Beer tasting is a “tough” job. You have to taste many different kind of beers. An they all aren’t good. My guess is that most of these contents was poured in to the sewers. 
New day, new agenda. After having a pitiful breakfast in motel and great service in reception it was our time to headed on. Man in reception told us that 98 degrees (36,6 degrees in Celsius) weather was expected in Death Valley. At least we weren’t in danger to catch a cold. 
First stop on our way was Ballarat ghost town. If I was little disappointed with Calico for being fake, this was the real thing. It was just a shame, that there wasn’t much to see, only one building left, old jail house. 

It was really interesting to walk on the “field”. It looked a rock hard, dry and stomped but it wasn’t that hard. It was really interesting. And the wind, it almost took our hats off our heads! 
At one point we saw warning “low flying planes”. Of course, tourists, we started right away laughing that yes, we must be close to the Area 51. Well, we were, but they weren’t space ships that flew over us, it was airplanes. It was really neat to see aircraft flying so low!

Our first stop at Death Valley was Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. If the air is so hot in Death Valley that you don’t even sweat, the sand in that place was so hot that it almost burned the skin off my feat. Believe me, I don’t recommend flipflops in there!
Then we took little trip to Devils Golf Course. Really interesting place. I don’t know what I would have done there any other then rise from a car, took a photo and leave, but still nice to see. 
Lowest point of Western Hemisphere, must see!
Artiste’s palate. Not the most exciting place on Death Valley, but it had its moments. 

And the last stop in Death Valley, Zabriskie Point. I just can’t stop wondering, how can those mountains look like velvet! 
Long, exciting day behind us, and couple of really exciting days ahead of us: Las Vegas. We made it through the desert, we made it through the heat, now we are in the oasis! VEGAS BABY!!

Our home for couple of nights: Iconic Stratosphere hotel !! WAU!
Day was really exciting and one of the most unforgettable days of the road trips ever. I truly recommend Death Valley for a road trip. Bring you water, hat and sunscreen and you full tanked car and you will be fine!
In the end of the day, we had driven 291 miles this day and reached 1200 driven miles in 5 days. 

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