Rating: Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Iconic Stratosphere! CSI Las Vegas “Murder central”. What ever movie you watch about Las Vegas, this building will be presented in some point at least in the background. It’s that iconic!


Room was big and spacious. When we came in the bathrooms roof light (or metal part of it ) had come down, that was little bit strange, but my hubby fixed it (aka he is so tall that he reached and just push the metal part back inside the lamp. He is so handy ;D)



Morning view from the Stratosphere to the Strip. This was pure bliss. I could get used to this!



In the Stratosphere tower, looking over the Las Vegas.




I have heard of this, but I haven’t seen it (till this moment) with my own eyes. Casino hotels (and perhaps other hotels too) don’t have 13th floor. But please noticed the light in the 24th floor. That’s our floor. Yep, we got the penthouse in Stratosphere (with 50 other guests). Exciting!!
You can find Stratosphere also in Domino  -movie (2005) where they end up blowing the towers top part.
picture from here
Even though there are restaurants in Casino, we didn’t eat there. To be honest, the restaurants in the Casino weren’t that exciting.
We ended up giving the room these grades:
Cleanliness 4 /5
Service 4 /5
Comfort 5 /5
Condition 4 /5 and
Location 4 /5.
Avarage 4,2 /5. On hotels.com others have given 3,6 /5. I don’t know was it our view on the Strip on our penthouse room that made us so glad, but hey, those are the things you can ask when you book your room. You can always ask! Or then we just were so glad to get out of road side motels that we were generous with the grades.
We bbooked the hotel room through hotels.com paid $40,31 per night. That was our 2nd cheapest accommodation in our trip so I really can recommend this to others too. In Las Vegas you can really live large on small amount of money. And Budget travelers like us, its really good thing!

2 thoughts on “Rating: Stratosphere, Las Vegas

  1. Hotel was filthy, no WiFi and employees were unresponsive to clientele being put out by what competition calls standard and the Statosphere is inconveniemced. Will NEVER stay here again. Much better and many options to choose from. Don’t waste your money.


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