Rating: Atomic Liquor, Las Vegas

Usually when beer enthusiastic and non drinker goes bar, it’s going to be pretty boring to other, and the other isn’t the beer drinker. I have got so used to drink lemonade or ice tea that Arnold Palmer rocks my world. But when I got to this bar… WAU!!!! 
When we sat down to the bar, hubby knew what to do: check the beer list. He seemed quite pleased, lots of options. I started to wonder, do they have anything non alcoholic. First time ever in US bartender said that he could make me a non alcoholic drink. Asked if I got some allergies or so and when he got the freedom, he did me a fantastic drink. I’m so impressed! 
Because I’m secretly fifties pin up girl inside, I loved the interior. Atomic age types of neon signs and photos were so cool. 
I can’t do anything else then recommend this place people to visit! But what about those who enjoy adult drink or two at times.. what does the hubby say? “I was really surprised how good the beer list really was. The atmosphere was great and the bartender amazing. I can really recommend this place.” Like two peas in the pot! 
Thank you Atomic Liquors bartender for great evening!


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