DAY 6: Las Vegas

Last night we visited the Fremont Street “behind” our hotel and this was the day were going to find out what lies before us: the Strip. 
New day opened beautiful and peaceful in front of us. Beautiful pink sky, which slowly started to light up when the sun rose. This was the moment that moved me: I want to see this again and again. How can urban scenery look so fantastic? 

My colleague recommended us Bellagio’s Breakfast Buffet and she was so right! I’m a simple girl: Pancakes / Waffles makes me happy. I got what I wanted. With banana, fruits and strawberries. And bacon. And seafood. And Arnold Palmers. And and and… Worth every penny!
After breakfast we went back to the hotel and took car and run few errands before we got back to the hotel. At that point day had gone so fast the sun was going down and the neon signs started to light up. Las Vegas was coming alive!

Treasure Island. 


Crazy Statues here and there!
One thing kept coming to my mind over and over again. It was from movie Casino. There Robert DeNiros character says that the Vegas wasn’t anymore what it used to be. It used to be about best service and rich people playground. Now it was open to all and it was tourist attraction. That made me little sad, because I would have love to see the old Vegas!
After a “light snack in White Castle” it was time to say good bye to Las Vegas and headed back to the hotel. Good Night Vegas! Hello Stratosphere! 

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