Recommend: Breakfast at Bellagio’s

When I discussed with my colleague, who has lived in USA for years, she recommend Bellagio’s breakfast. Even though uncle Scrooge comes asking me for tips how to be cheap, I wasn’t ready to go cheap with this. Breakfast at Bellagio’s sounded so fantastic, that I had to visit there! The Breakfast was $19,99 per person and I have to say, it was AMAZING!
We where quite early at the buffet and we got in without longer lines, but when we got out, there was quite a line. So first tip: be on time! Second tip: take your time, reserve time! You will understand, when you see pics below!

The Buffet place was big and there were plenty of different bars where you can get your treats: fruits, sea food, pastries, cheeses, meats, waffles… I was in heaven. I just grabbed a plate and hit the line. Mistake! I should have gone through the place to see, what they have and prioritize, but you don’t think when you are hungry.  

I can’t say anything else, then RECOMMEND! Hopefully I have one more change in my life to visit this place! I will take my time, savor every bite and moment and drink all the Arnold Palmers I can! 


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