Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Day 2: The Strip. 
First few pictures below aren’t actually from our second day, they are from the moment we arrived to Las Vegas area. First a car with “Boxsong” license plate and then see a road named “Frank Sinatra Drive”. That exact moment told me, whats Las Vegas all about: making it, living it large! And I didn’t have anything against it!
I have visit Branson and thought it was something else, but when I saw Luxor Hotels Pyramids, I was amazed. I wasn’t prepared even though I have watched movies and TV shows about it! They are real, they are there! 

Next we saw Excalibur hotel. 

 New York-New York Hotel & Casino and MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

When you come in to the Las Vegas for first time and drive Strip, it will blow your mind! So much everywhere. 
On our second day, first thing we did, we went to the Bellagio’s Breakfast Buffet, walk little in the city and headed pack to the hotel. We took a car went for little drive in the area,  and when we came back, we hit the city again. Las Vegas really comes alive after the sunset. All the neon signs go on and you can really see the place from the space!

It was really easy and effortless to travel In Las Vegas with a monorail. The route starts from MGM Grand and ends near to the Stratosphere. Single ride ticket is $5, 24 hours ticket $12. Available also 2-5 day tickets and one week tickets. We bought one day unlimited ticket and it was really easy and comfortable way to travel. 

Tresure Island 
The Mirage
The Mirage and The Venetian. 

The Venetian

One thing I would have really like to see was neon sign museum / graveyard, but I’m so cheap that $18 for day tour or $25 of night tour felt expensive. It’s tricky. I have seen the graveyard in the CSI Las Vegas and in some travel show and it looked fantastic and fun, but… It’s so annoying to be so cheap! Perhaps next time I find some coupon to that place. 
Las Vegas is strange place. It’s goes so over board at times. Take a Gondola ride, eat well in buffet, sit in Venetian cafe, perhaps get married in little chapel. It’s a place that lifts your idea of weirdness in a good way. When I went to Hollywood after Las Vegas, I was so disappointed, because Hollywood was so famous that I expected it to be more like Vegas, but it wasn’t. So Vegas really rise my idea of glamour and luxery. And surreal. Definitely Surreal! 
If you want to get a sneak peeks about Las Vegas before your trip or relive your visit there, watch these movies!
Focus (2015)
Casino (1995)
and tens, if not houndreds more.. 
Do you have any movies that is must to see or places in the Strip that are must to visit? Please leave a comment!

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