Roadtrip in Area 51 – Extraterrestrial Highway

After leaving Las Vegas there was only one possible, considerable way to go to go to the north; State Route 375 aka Extraterrestrial Highway. Highway starts at Crystal Springs and continue next 98 miles all the way to Warm Springs. Let Wikipedia tell more  “The route travels through mostly unoccupied desert terrain, with much of its alignment paralleling the northern edges of the Nellis Air Force Range. The road originally traversed through what is now the northern reaches of the air force range in the 1930s.”
On the way there is little place called Rachel.  “The Little A’Le’Inn (pronounced “alien”) is the focal point of the town, providing a small motel, an alien-themed restaurant/bar, and extraterrestrial souvenirs.”
“In 1989, an engineer named Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on alien spaceships and to have viewed saucer test flights in Tikaboo Valley, telling his story to a Las Vegas television station which was subsequently broadcast as an exclusive report. By the 1990s, stories of the top-secret U.S. government base at Area 51 had become mainstream, and many books and personal accounts had been published regarding extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien activity in the region surrounding Groom Lake. Rachel, being the closest settlement to the restricted facility, attracted people in search of UFOs and alien life. To capitalize on the purported paranormal activity along the route, the Nevada Commission on Tourism sought to rename the highway. State officials drew inspiration from the alien legends and dubbed SR 375 the Extraterrestrial Highway in February 1996.”
“The Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel benefits from tourism brought by the renamed highway.
News of the highway’s renaming reached Twentieth Century Fox. The studio used the opportunity to promote the release of the film Independence Day, whose plot involves an alien invasion of Earth and the secret facility at Area 51. A public dedication ceremony for the Extraterrestrial Highway was held in Rachel in April 1996. State dignitaries at the ceremony were joined by studio executives and Independence Day stars Jeff Goldblum, Robert Loggia, Bill Pullman, and Brent Spiner.”
In the desert there is also a black mailbox (what actually is white), where aliens comes to collect their mail, but we didn’t find it… we missed it somehow. Well, next time maybe. 

Lähdettyämme Las Vegasista oli vain yksi mahdollinen, “ainoa oikea” reitti mennä pohjoiseen; State Route 375 eli Extraterrestrial highway eli “yliluonnollinen valtatie” vapaasti käännettynä. tie kulkee pääsääntöisesti autiomaassa, mutta paikoitellen se kulkee Nellis Air Force’n rinnalla. Matkalla on pieni paikka nimeltä Rachel, jossa on Little A’Le’Inn, avaruusolentoteemainen ravintola-baari-motelli, jossa myydään myös ulkoavaruusteemaisia matkamuistoja.
Erämaassa on myös musta postilaatikko (Oikeastaan ​​mikä on valkoinen), ulkoavaruusasukkaiden postilaatikko, josta he käyvät hakemassa omat postinsa, mutta emme löytäneet sitä … ajoimme ilmeisesti sen ohi jossain vaiheesa. No, ehkä ensi kerralla.
Kiitos jälleen, kun liityitte seuraan matkallemme!

– Jaana

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