Tonopah Brewing Company, Tonopah, NV

While we were driving the main street, we saw Tonopah Brewing Company’s ad. We drove a mile and then we saw the Brewery itself. We didn’t know it would be there, but lucky things happen. We end up visiting the place and be amazed. Adam and Lance in the Tonopah Brewing Company were just starting to bottle but they had a few minutes to talk to us. We found out that Lance knew how to make Finnish beer called Sahti. I was amazed. My mind was blown. WOW! So if you happen to be around, please visit brewery, and have a talk with Lance!

But that’s just from the point of view of non-beer-drinker. What does hubby say, who loves beer?  
“I didn’t know anything about this brewery before we drove by it and saw some guy waving to us from the brewery. We decided to turn around and see what was going on. Turned out that Lance and Adam were bottling a new batch. Lance showed us around in the brewery and we were able to buy the Red Ale and Hefeweizen to go (all they had in bottles at the moment). There is also a small brewpub next to the brewery. Definitely worth stopping if you’re in the area (51). Thanks Lance for the t-shirts!”

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