Mono Basin Natural Forest Scenic Area, California

While driving from Las Vegas to South Lake Tahoe, we suddenly saw that we came from some Natural Park, but we didn’t have exact idea of what was it. Beautiful lake, huge pine cones, and broken trees. We still had couple of hundred miles to drive, so not much time to stop and smell non existing flowers, but few pics we managed to take. Later we had to google, where we were. 
Wikipedia told this about our pit stop: “The Mono Basin National Scenic Area is a protected area in Eastern California that surrounds Mono Lake and the northern half of the Mono Craters volcanic field. It is administered by the Inyo National Forest as a unit of the National Forest Scenic Area program, under the U.S. Forest Service.”
Nature was rugged but beautiful, bare ground, pines, lake… Reminded me a lot of my home Kainuu in Northern Finland, except we have only mossy ground, where this was sand. But still it was beautiful. 

little behind the scenes picture of my point of view. 

It was quite surprise for me to see this scenery. I some how thought that the desert would go on for ever, but quite suddenly, sneaky, it turn into pine forest and lake views. Beautiful. 
Thank you for stepping in in our little stop at Mono Basin Natural Forest Scenic Area. Hopefully you liked the photos. 

– Jaana

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