Rating: Stateline Brewery, South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is interesting, divided town. Most of it belongs to California, but part of it belongs to Nevada. Some would say the fun part belongs to Nevada, the side where you can gamble, but we aren’t here after a few easy bucks. We are after a food and brews, so we headed to California side: to Stateline Brewery.
Entrance to restaurant was little bit hidden, but it was well informed. Basement location was big and spacey and when we got there, there was plenty of room to sit, not many customers. Best part is that you can watch what cooks are doing, what for me, tells that the quality should be good, because they aren’t microwaving food secretly in the darkest corner. (yes, I have watched little bit too much programs from Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Burdain…) 
Because my hubby loves beer and I love chili, it was pretty easy to find something that pleased both. 

My only mistake was, that I underestimated the size of the chili Bowl. It was huge! I got so over dosed if it, that later at night I got reflux. But still, it was really good chili!
But that’s all about food. What did the hubby think of the place and the beer? Quote from his ratebeer.com -page: “A big basement restaurant and taproom virtually next to Nevada stateline. It’s a bit soulless place but they have decent selection of decent brews and they serve good brewpub food. Not worth a detour.” So, if you are in the town, visit. 

– Jaana

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