Rating: Blue Jay Lodge, South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is divided city, literally. Other side belongs to Nevada and other to California. Accommodations are much cheaper in California side then Nevada side, where you can stay in Casino Hotels.
Blue Jay Lodge was cosy looking little motel in California side. You can park your car easily in front of your room. Do you manage to squeeze in with your luggages, that’s another thing! Room is little cramped. We had difficulties to fit all things in we usually bring with us to the room.
Only thing that I remember from the room clearly was the tap on the sink. When you opened the tap it was like waterfall coming out there. With a really big force!
Breakfast didn’t make a statement either, I have no recollections about it and the hubby says it was shy. Can’t tell you much about that. Ratings were these: 
Cleanliness: 2,5 /5
Service: 2 /5
Comfort: 2 /5
Condition: 2 /5
Location 4 /5
Total points are 2,5 /5. ( This place has received 3,6 /5 in hotels.com )
We booked the room from hotels.com by the price of 33,80 dollars.




– Jaana

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