Rating: Haven Inn, Chico, CA

I usually reveal my opinion about accommodation right away, but I will go now: I hated this place.
I have used to the idea that in Mid West couple of years ago motel rooms cost $30 per night and by that money you got really nice motel rooms. Planning West Coast Road Trip I noticed that those times and prices are gone. All prices started from $40 and by that price you didn’t get a nice motel room, you get a awful dungeon. Like Haven Inn in Chico. Sorry you guys who run Haven Inn, but Boy did I felt like robbed.
First sights about this Ramshackle was found when hubby took a shower. The towels looked bloody, but in closer look I noticed it was red paint. You can get a new towel in IKEA for price $2,99. Why they don’t spend 3 bucks for new towels?


After noticing this I started notice other things. Like how much space there is over and under door, no isolation at all. Then I noticed the roof that looked like its hanging to inside. I started to hope, that the roof won’t collapse mean while we are in.

This was the point we decided we are going to leave this “craphole” and be gone as long as we can possibly be. We went to Sierra Nevada Brewery. That was the best thing in this motel: Walk away from booze and beer.
When we last came back, hubby said that “aaw, we have little ants in the sink”. I wasn’t as impressed, I hate bugs. I knew that It wasn’t to stop there. When I rise at 5 am to go to the bathroom, the sink was full of ants, there were about 30 – 40 ants wondering around the bottles. I couldn’t sleep very well all night. All night I thought how the ants are going to walk over and on me. Disgusting! When the morning last came, there was still few ants left.



These are our grades for this accommodation:
Cleanliness 1,5 /5
service 2 /5
Comfort 1,5 /5
Condition 1 /5
Location 2 /5
This place had the honor to be one of the two worst motels in our trip with points 1,6 /5. From this unique, one of kind and hopefully once in a lifetime accommodation we paid $58,29 and we reserved it from booking.com. Nobody had rated this in hotels.com and in booking.com this room has got amazing 6,4 /10.
To be honest, even though Chico is expensive to stay in the motel, please add a few bucks and invest  to descent motel.

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