Day 4: Escondido, CA – Ridgecrest, CA

When arriving to Escondido, we had 3 days of traveling and 611 miles driven behind us. Till that moment we have seen a lot of donut, food and beer, lots of sand in form of beaches and deserts and local “art”.
Wigwam motel… so cool! For more pictures and more information, you can find in this post!
First McDonald’s. Even though we don’t eat at McD’s, you got to show respect to the place where it all began. Right here on road 66!
Mad Max style cars. At visiting time Mad Max 3 was going on in the movie theaters, so timing was perfect!
Old Travelodge, Ridgecreast, new Travel Inn. Funny. When you have “lodged” in as many Travelodges as we have, you can spot Travelodge even behind a different name… I don’t complain. I just wish they were so old, that they still would have the bear logo present!
Aaawww, those yesterdays Donut Bars Donuts for dinner…  More about Donut Bar you can find in this post! Still good even one day old!


How cool is that! A quick market in Ridgecreast offers Booze in the freezer. I don’t drink but I have to show respect for the person who shows appreciation for customers time and offers cold drinks! Cheers!

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