Rating: Travel Inn, Ridgecrest, CA

Some places are so legendary that you just see through them right away. Travel Inn Ridgecrest is one of those places!
Little bit familiar looking sign and building, right?
And familiar looking interior also, right? Why is that?
Answer is easy, its old Travelodge. And to be honest, I don’t see that as a bad thing. To be honest, when we travel, Travelodge is one of the places we visit frequent. Good size rooms, usually nice bed, decent service and breakfast. But what happens when someone else buys old Travelodge and makes it something else then a Travelodge?
Feels like everything is little bit different in here… Room is (of course) the same level then in Travelodges, the size hasn’t changed from there. The bathroom was big and nice too. To be honest, I was disappointed with  breakfast. Cereals and dry donuts. There wasn’t much to eat. But, even though I complain, full points to the clerk at the desk, his willingness to help us was more then great. He checked the days weather and gave us some hints before we headed to the Death Valley. What they lost in breakfast, they made up in excellent service.
Location in this small places is always there and there. It’s a small city / town, so I guess this location is fine in that scale. Markets were with in a reach by car and from motel there were easy to get back on the trail.
So the points were these for this Travel Inn Ridgecrest:
Cleanliness 3/5
Service 4/5
Comfort 4/5
Condition 2/5
Location 3/5
Total points 3,2/5

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