Stand by Me -Bridge, Lake Britton, California

I’m a movie fan! I’m not a reader, I don’t have that vivid imagination, but the movies, visual images, moves me. The best movies, the ones what have made the biggest impact on me, I can return dozens of times, over and over again. The best part of travel is that we can visit the places that I have seen on my favorite movies. When my husband suggested to visit the Stephen Kings “Stand by me” -bridge, I was all in!
Stand by Me -Bridge, Lake Britton, California
  Photos were taken from here, here and here.
The bridge is located in Shasta County in California, above the Lake Britton. Wikipedia tells us this about Lake Britton:
“Lake Britton is a reservoir located in Shasta County, California.– Its main body is situated to the west of State Route 89, and is mostly surrounded by PG&E Land, Forest Service Land, and McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. Along the north shore lies North Shore and Dusty Campgrounds. It is fed by the Pit River and has tributaries of Clark Creek, Burney Creek, and Hat Creek and is impounded by the Pit #3 Dam. A bridge, owned by the McCloud River Railroad, which spans Lake Britton (just east of Hwy 89) was used for the railroad bridge scene in the 1986 film Stand By Me.”
I recommend to movie fans a pit stop in here. Perhaps others can’t get much out of the bridge that has been closed, but fans will love it!
Stand by Me -Bridge, Lake Britton, California
DAY 9: Chico, CA - Ashland, OR
Stand by Me -Bridge, Lake Britton, California

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