Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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crater lake otsikko


On our way from Ashland, Oregon to “Beervana” Bend, Oregon, we had  possibility to visit old destroyed volcano, Mount Mazama and the Crater Lake, caldera, which has been formed in that volcano. It was so beautiful.  Here is some hard facts about Crater Lake from Wikipedia:

“Crater Lake National Park is a United States National Park located in southern Oregon. Established in 1902, Crater Lake National Park is the fifth oldest national park in the United States and the only national park in Oregon. The park encompasses the caldera of Crater Lake, a remnant of a destroyed volcano, Mount Mazama, and the surrounding hills and forests.

The lake is 1,943 feet (592 m) deep at its deepest point, which makes it the deepest lake in the United States, the second deepest in North America and the ninth deepest in the world. – – when comparing its average depth of 1,148 feet (350 m) to the average depth of other deep lakes, Crater Lake becomes the deepest in the Western Hemisphere and the third deepest in the world. The impressive average depth of this volcanic lake is due to the nearly symmetrical 4,000-foot (1,200 m) deep caldera formed 7,700 years ago during the violent climactic eruptions and subsequent collapse of Mount Mazama and the relatively moist climate that is typical of the crest of the Cascade Range.

The caldera rim ranges in elevation from 7,000 to 8,000 feet (2,100 to 2,400 m). The United States Geological Survey benchmarked elevation of the lake surface itself is 6,178 feet (1,883 m). – –  Crater Lake has no streams flowing into or out of it. All water that enters the lake is eventually lost from evaporation or subsurface seepage. The lake’s water commonly has a striking blue hue, and the lake is re-filled entirely from direct precipitation in the form of snow and rain.”



Picture above is from here. (Wikipedia) 

I have to confess that I had some difficulties to dress properly to the sight… we were so high that there was snow, but most of the road trip we were lower, where capri pants were perfectly fine… note to myself: long sport pants or pants with rollable legs are perfect outfit to high and low level road tripping.


The sight was beautiful, I have to admit. For some straight reason I still couldn’t calm myself down to enjoy the view. Perhaps it was freezing legs, perhaps it was sneaking hunger, but this place definitely deserves a moment of your time. Absolutely beautiful.

When we continued our journey, we saw a vista point about Mount Mazama. This was little bit confusing, because Mt. Mazama was  collapsed 7700 years ago. Vista Point were more with idea “this is where you could see the Mt Mazama if it were there”. Sounds little bit… useless, yeah, lets use that word. Sounds useless, but lets still have a look about that Vista Point.


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