Motel Rating: La Quinta NW, Portland, Oregon

Portland. I would like to say the Capital of Beer, but truly there are many other “Beervanas” out there too, even in Oregon. Lets call Portland the city that has been blessed with beer. Because its blessed with beer, it would be silly to stay only one evening in there. For beernerds like my husband, it would also be cruel to stay just one night (Which we have also done, but it was a case of layover, so it doesn’t count). We weren’t in hurry, so we stayed two nights

Room was nice and big. There were all the basics: fridge, TV, chair, desk, microwave, big and soft bed, really good shower… in the room there was also a WiFi, but it was little bit slow at times. Absolutely no complains about the state of the room.

There were actually funny situation when we came in. When we arrived to our room, there were caretaker fixing the door frame in our room. The reception gave us the room without knowing it wasn’t ready yet. If this would have been a case of cleanliness I would have probably been little bit annoyed, but because this was case of maintenance, I couldn’t be angry. I got to see my own two eyes, how the rooms are taken care, so full points for that! If I have to complain about something, I would say that the neighbors shower noises / pipes can be heard in our room. Thank Goodness neighbor didn’t shower all the time, so this wasn’t a big problem. In the first floor there were also indoor swimming pool, which I really wanted to try, but was too shy..




Location was little bit —“interesting”..  It was located kind of distribution center area, where there was plenty of trucks and truck stop. For example from our room we had a straight view to one truck stop. Even though location wasn’t “in the city” there were still good bus connection (of course, we are in Portland, city know for Americas greatest public transportation & bicycles. Oh, and the beer. Next to the motel there was a bus stop, which had two bus lines straight to downtown. 2,5 hour bus ticket costs 2,5 dollars and full day ticket costs 5 dollars. We bought the tickets to our cellphone with credit card and the app worked perfectly even though we had Finnish phone cards.


There were good connections to the city center and overall Portland is one of our favorite cities in the US, so this was really pleasant stay.


Breakfast was really good and when you think the price of the room, breakfast was absolutely fantastic. I got even a good laugh one morning, when breakfast rooms worker came in and said: “Good morning! (*silence*) … I can’t hear you! I said good morning!”and the responses came. So funny, loved it!

When ever I post a picture of self baked banana- cream cheese waffle with syrup, you know it has been a good visit. This breakfast had a little bonus for us: they had also a Southern Biscuits for the husband.  Thank You, La Quinta!


Overall, the room was nice, clean, big, comfortable and the breakfast was delicious. Room was booked through and we paid $59,59 per night. Motel was really nice, only minus was the location, which brought points down a little bit.

Cleanliness 4 /5
Service 4,5 /5
Comfort 4 /5
condition 4 /5
Location 2 /5

all together
3,7 / 5. 

In it has recieved 3,8 / 5. This was La Quinta NW, in Portland Oregon there is also La Quinta Airport near the (surprise) airport. This was really nice stay and because of that I want to give special thank you for the hotel staff. (and no, this wasn’t paid ad, I didn’t get complimentary stays or anything, this is just one paid customer giving thank you for those who deserve it. (Although I don’t have anything against a complimentary stay next time we are in Portland).


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