Rating: Flagship Inn of Ashland, Oregon

For the two travelers day has come to an end. Coming from Chico to Ashland, distance was 200 miles, but naturally it took more then just 3 hours us to get here after visiting Burney Falls, “Stand by Me” -bridge and gazing beautiful Oregon nature. At the end of the day, we were tired and eager to get to the hotel.

Flagship Inn of Ashland is decent hotel, I would say little bit better then motels, Inns and hotels we usually stay. It was decorated with white, beige, brown and green colors, which makes it little bit more comfortable, then average Super8 or Redroof Inn. There were desk, table, TV, fridge, nothing special on that level and “quite allright” shower. I have used to quite dirty looking, weird pressured showers along the way, so this was nice surprise.


I didn’t have a big issue with anything, but dear husband of mine had little difficulties getting along with the fridge (in the picture above seen in the background, microwave on top of it). Door opened from the wrong side, it opened from the wall side, so the door would be blocking your way to get to the fridge. There were also a shelf on opposite wall which made it difficult to go around the door, so you just had to lean over the door to get something out of the fridge. Thank goodness fridge was low. This was biggest issue in the room, it was little bit hard to get the beers out of the fridge, and based on that, I would say we were quite pleased overall with the room.


The Breakfast divided our opinions. We both have our own criterion, what we call la good breakfast: for me it’s DIY Waffles and for hubby Southern Biscuits. Only one of us was happy (but that’s how it usually is anyways). There were biscuits and there were waffles, but they were bought from store, dry ones. I wasn’t totally happy, hubby was little bit pleased instead. Have to say, I’m little bit disappointed, because the room was in such a good level, that I would have expected more. The mediocre breakfast goes in the line what others have told also in the hotels.com. Otherwise really good level Inn, but the breakfast brings the experience down little bit. Even though the selection wasn’t in such good level that I would wanted, I have to give full points for the elderly man in the breakfast room, who kept it all in order and organized breakfast. That good service I see rarely.


I loved this letter! “Your Housekeeper has been pleased to serve you!” Aaaawww, that is so cute! Usually there is Housekeepers name so you can leave your tip for her / him, but this put the Inn for whole new level for me. Little bit like the restaurant, who banned tipping and started to pay good minimum wage for waiters. This is a good sign for me.


Location of the Inn was reasonable. If you need University for some reason, it’s right across the street. Museum of Art was 400 meters, Library and ScienceWork Museum both 1,5 kilometers and Theatre 1,8 kilometers. We weren’t in for education, museum or culture, we were in for the beer.


In Ashland there is couple of breweries: Standing Stone and Caldera, we visited both (blog post coming up in the future), and also Swing Tree. In Medford, city about 30 minutes away, there are more, if I’m not totally wrong, there are 6 breweries and bus to Medford goes right in front of the hotel. I tried to lure my hubby going also to Medford, but he told that Standing Stone and Caldera can offer more then enough good beer for the night. So, perhaps this region would be best for staying couple of nights and hitting all the sweet spots during weekend, for example. Another 20 minutes forward from Medford there is, according to Google Maps, another 6 breweries in Grants pass, so region is very promising for brew weekend. Grab your self a designated driver or jump in the bus and reserve couple of hours for transportation in one way.

Overall the Flagship Inn of Ashland recieved fairly good points from us. Lowest price in Hotels.com is 69 euros, we paid $58,67 and I have to say I have paid more for poorer condition motels. Two Thumbs Up!

  • Cleanlines 4/5
  • Service 4 /5
  • Comfort 4/5
  • Condition 4/5
  • Location 4/5
  • Overall Rate 4 /5

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