Rating: Elizabeth Street Inn, Newport, Oregon

On our trips we usually stay with “budget” accommodations. For example 1 month roadtrip in the US, one night costs about 60 dollars. If you count that 30 nights with 60 dollar / night, you get 1800 dollars only for sleeping. Thats a lot. That’s why it’s fantastic to earn those free nights and treat yourself with little bit of luxery in carefully selected places, like sea shore or down town hotel with a fantastic view over the city. One of those places was Newport, Oregon, three stars sea shore hotel.


First impression was little bit disappointed. We have allergies in our family, so floor carpeting is always a little problematic. Looking at the carpet you could tell that there has gone some time since last flooring too, for some strange reason there was burn mark from iron on the floor. Weird.

Thank goodness, soon the worry about the floor was forgotten, when we checked out the balcony. Wau, what a view. Sun was shining above the sea. Who cares about the flooring, when you have this. Shame, weather was little bit cold, so we didn’t spend a lot of time in the balcony, but we kept the door open and enjoyed the sun shine in our livingroom.

When it started to get cold, did we close the door? No. We had fireplace in our room: lets light up the fireplace and enjoy the warmness of the fireplace and sunlight. Think again. The fireplace didn’t work for some reason, probably a gas pit and the gas was cut off or something. OK, lets keep the door open and put some clothes on, because we don’t want to miss the sound of the sea and fantastic sunshine. Little bit rough start, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Elizabeth Street Inn
After the first bumps on the road, staying got lot smoother. In the lobby there was complementary Smoked Salmon Chowder and on evening there was complementary cookies. In the morning there was fantastic breakfast with waffles, buiscuits, stake and eggs, fruit salad, fruits, 4 different kind of cereals, 4 different juice and 3 different sorts of coffee plus hot water with several kind if teas and hot cocoa mix. YES. I was in heaven, hands down, best breakfast on this trip so far!

Elizabeth Street Inn-001
About conveniences in the room the net worked fine and so did the TV. In room there was also a DVD player and in the lobby there was DVD cases, but they were empty and there was no instructions to be found and I didn’t ask them so no movies for me.

The Bed was big enough even for two biggish adults and there was plenty of pillows to choose from. Bed was soft in the good way. Usually the mattresses are really hard and causes back pains, but this was just right for this princess.

In the “living room” there were a big couch, coffee table and a desk. The room was really good for working. There were also a fridge, microwave and coffee machine. Just like the living room carpet, also the toilets door has seen some life..

Location of the hotel was little bit remote, but the “down town” was only short walk away. We got to have romantic walk in the cold Newport weather. A brisk walk was rewarded with a big bowl of nice chili and couple of good brews in Rogues bar. For my surprise there were plenty kids, so we can truly call the place kid friendly. And I know the beers are great, hubby of mine visited on this trip about 3 different Rogues, so they must be good! But more information about Rogue coming up in the future!

In the premises there were also pool, gym, ice machine and laundry room.

Parking was really easy, its on the first floor and even our car got a sea view place.This hotel deserves full 5/5 points from the view.

IMG_4914IMG_4915Elizabeth Street Inn-002IMG_4931IMG_4941Elizabeth Street Inn-003


When you see this kind of picture in my blog, you know I was a happy girl. My favorite breakfast in the United States: Self cooked waffle with cream cheese, syrup and bananas. NAM. Also Hubby was Happy: Southern Biscuits. Special Bonus for me: a cup of cocoa. Thank you Elizabeth Street Inn!

Room was booked from Hotels.com and it cost $76,60. It got from us these rates:

Cleanliness 4 /5
Service 5 /5
Comfort 4,5 /5
condition 4 /5
Location 5 /5

Total Rate 4,5 /5

Other visitors have rated this hotel in Hotels.com 4,4/5, so we were pretty much in line. I recommend this hotel everyone, who loves sea and smoked salmon chowder.


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