Motel Rating: Economy Inn, Santa Rosa, CA

This nights accommodation is surely made an impact. Usually I’m pretty pleased with the rooms we have stayed and I always try to look up for something positive, but unfortunately this motel didn’t give me anything to be pleased. Luckily the town compensated the misfortunate staying.

Room was cramped, there were way too many furniture for that space.  Sure, it’s nice to have 3 persons sofa in two persons room and coffee table, if you can’t fit your staff to the dining table what was also in the room. Although it rises a question, why on earth the dining table was put in the corner so only one person could sit there, but there were  two chairs in the room… But what do I know, I have only planned interiors and sold furniture… With these objects there were also two night stands, TV console, fridge and the bed. When two of us, lets say hefty persons, come in with two suitcases, two carry-on’s, couple of boxes of good beer and half a dozen different bags, its pretty tight.


There was limited number of power sockets, for which reason  my phone couldn’t be charged at night, but that is pretty usual problem in hotels and motels. The room was cleaned, or at least the surfaces were cleaned, carpet could have needed some serious vacuuming. We saw the cleaning lady coming out of our room just before we entered it.


Customer service didn’t want to exceed customers expectations. The lady in reception didn’t give us the internet password and we didn’t ask. We went to our room, notice that we need a password and we had to return to reception. When we got the Internet to connect, we noticed that the net worked poorly at times.


Motel didn’t have a breakfast of any kind, which to be considering the price of the room, is quite bad.


The bathroom was different what we have learned to expect and it was kind of good thing. Black and white tiling reminded me of some little bit more expensive hotel, but that didn’t last for long.


Pink walls with romantic sink cabin was little bit exotic when you have got used to “safe choice” what other motels offer. Cabin looked old and i don’t know why I looked in there: mold. Right away I was worried about my husbands allergies, this wasn’t a good thing and later that night my worries came true: hubby had allergic reaction. Thank God we are in the region where there are plenty of good beer near by so we didn’t need to spend any more time in here and for that, night was as short as possible!


The towels were also badly worn out.


There was something good also: the motel located is a walk distance away from Russian River Brewery,  27th place out of 12.000+ rated breweries ( with 99 points out of 100. Also 93 points Lagunitas is only 15 minutes drive away. So,  if you take a room from here, get yourself a designated driver, like we do (that would be me) or taxi, so you will be marinated with good beer in the point of unconsciousness, so you won’t notice the little problems or the mold in the room. Win-Win.

cleanliness 1,5 /5
Service 2 /5
Comfort 1 /5
Condition 1 /5
Location 2,5 /5

Total score 1,6 /5

We took a chance before trip, we didn’t book a room online before coming to US, because they all were nearly 100 dollars and we didn’t want to believe things could be this bad in Santa Rosa. We ended up paying $85 for this room. So not worth it, I wish we would have been braver to just invest the 100 bucks for better room. Unless you are in really tight budget, I suggest that you spend the extra $15 too and get yourself a room that won’t danger your health.


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