Motel Rating: Travelodge, Fort Bragg, CA

I have to confess: I like Travelodge. What is the reason, that I rise Travelodge above Super8, Redroof Inn and others? The Sleepy bear. Simply and Stupidly. We have stayed in 4 Travelodges (which out of the 90+ hotels isn’t that big of number, but it’s a good start!) and one motel that use to be a Travelodge and I’m always excited when I see something related to that bear. You wouldn’t believe me to be over 30, hah!

Fort Braggs Travelodge didn’t disapointed me in this! Aaaw!


Enough of goofing! Let’s be serious.

Travelodge was your typical Travelodge Motel, perhaps little shabby, but all and all very functional. Perhaps little bit tricky shower, so I could get just the perfect temperature of the water I want. For BIG plus for me was that also this Travelodge (like Travelodge in Lafayette, LA) there was a shower corner, not a tub and a shower. Have you ever looked at the bottom of those tubs? I know they clean them, but gash, somebody must be really dirty, because they usually look so disgusting, I don’t want to lay my behind in there.. nope, no sir, no thank you !

The room was little bit shorthanded of the seating places and there was only little space to work, also empty power sockets were only other side of the bed, so two person blogging / on the computer or even loading a mobile phone was little bit hard.


Breakfast was also little bit.. “light”. And I don’t mean with the calories. There were quick oatmeal porridge, couple of brands or cereal, vacuum packed pastries, apple juice, toast and coffee. Some one who should avoid sugar and don’t drink coffee, options were quite limited: porridge.

Location was good for the things that the little town had to offer, or at least what we needed. North Coast Brewery was 0,3 miles away and to Glass Beach about the same. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about the brewery because it closed early and we had only 30minutes time to be there. Shame, because we had driven a long way that day and we would have loved to spend little bit more time in there, to enjoy the atmosphere and talked what we saw. Instead, we got a quick bowl of soup and had a romantic walk in the absolutely dark town.

Also the Glass Beach was a small disappointment, because some tourist don’t obey the rule, don’t take the glass with you! But from both of these sights, the brewery and the beach, more info coming up in the future.

From us Travelodge received following rate:

Cleanliness 3 /5
Service 3 /5
comfort 3 /5
condition 2,5 /5
Location 4 /5

Total 3,1 /5

Booked from priceline.con with price $68,14. In Fort Bragg Travelodge received 3,6/5 and in 7,1/10, so perhaps we were little bit more disappointed than average person because we missed the beer…

Still, I want to say thank you for Travelodge, I really love that Sleepy Bear!


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