Motel Rating: Extended Stay America, Gresham, Oregon

At times we ditch the motels and turn to Extended Stay Americas. Their rooms are usually spacious and naturally they try to offer home like feelings. This wasn’t any different form that.

As usual (according to my experience on Extended Stay Americas, there was table with chairs, desk, big bed with night stands and arm chair. View from the room was to Mount Saint Helen. Fantastic.


Kitchen was big and nice, but all the utensils needed to be asked from the staff. We didn’t want to do that, so we used what we got from take away boxes and so on. In the kitchen there was a big, clean fridge, what made my husband very happy. In worst case scenarios in the motels (or some case also in hotels) there isn’t even a fridge, only sink where to put ice and your drinks. Perhaps it was little bit old, but it worked so who cares the look.


The internet wasn’t working properly and what’s even worse: Big Bang Theory -channel showed poorly. OMG. First world problems, I know. And as always in these, breakfast wasn’t the greatest. Good thing: there was a breakfast, little breakfast nook, where visitors could get their granola bar, coffee, apples and quick oatmeal.

What can I say, it’s your typical Extended Stay America.


This was our third staying in Extended Stay America -chain. It ended up in the middle: best has been 3,6/5 in Baton Rouge, worst 2,7/5 in Indianapolis, and this ended up in 3,2/5. Score card looked like this:

Cleanliness 4 /5
Service 2,5 /5
Comfort 4 /5
Condition 3,5 /5
Location 2 /5

3,2 / 5

We booked the room from and paid $58,84. In Priceline it has gotten 7,1/10, so perhaps we were little more harsh to it, than your typical guest. Perhpas it was the Big Bang Theory that was upsetting us. On same motel has received 3,1/5, so its more inline with our opinion. Over all, nice, your average motel, I could stay here again, if I happen to be in the neighborhood. I just watch my Big Bang some where else, but not online, unless they fix the net.


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