Motel Rating: Motel West, Bend, Oregon

Bend, that famous Beervana of USA. Or Oregon at least. No wait, I forgot Portland. OK, Beervana of the Deschutes County at least. It was pretty obvious that when coming to Bend, the accommodation isn’t that important, it will be just a place to stay over night, to sleep of the intoxication.

What did I learn? Be careful what you wish for!

When we came to themotel and got our key, we got the key to the room, where there was still cleaning going on. Back to the reception, “can we please have a room that is finished” and we got a new room. This room smelled funny, you noticed straight away that this used to be “smoking allowed” room.

Reception lady didn’t first give us net password, we had to return back to the reception to get the password, so no exceeding the customer expectations in there neither. The password was holiday45, if someone needs it and if its still the same..


Absolutely the best thing in this room was the bathroom. I have to say, in motels, I haven’t seen that size bathroom yet. Usually, and I’m not exaggerating (much), the bathroom is so small that I almost have to stand in the tub to open the door, because door opens to inside and when the door opens, it almost scratches the toilet bowl next to the door way. Yep, they are pretty tight usually.

Second best thing there was, should I call it “European style” location of the sink. It was in the bathroom!! Are you laughing? I’m not. I am not kidding. Anyone who has been as much in motels as we have, have noticed the.. what would be the word? … Exciting? Peculiar? Let’s go with peculiar… have noticed the peculiar place of the sink. It isn’t in the bathroom with shower, tub and toilet, no, its in bedroom, or little alcove / nook between toilet and bedroom. This has been one thing I use to wonder, but now I have gotten so used to it, that I notice if it isn’t there. And it wasn’t! HALLELUJAH! Can I get an Amen?

Unfortunately good things ended there in the room. There wasn’t enough power sockets for us to load the phones and laptop, also general lighting was pretty poor. The Breakfast wasn’t included. Well, “included” is a wrong word. There weren’t any kind of options for breakfast. That sounds about right.

As always, when there’s plenty of beer near by, you don’t see us much in the room. Beervana city take good care of us, this motel was just a short walk away from Silver Moon -brewery. The town over all was really nice, we loved it much and are hoping to come back some day! Even for me, who hates to drive weird car in weird city, I like driving in Bend. And that’s a lot for me! Usually I’m terrified, but this town… I loved it.

We booked the motel from for $57,72. On our point of view, perhaps the room wasn’t quite on the level that I would have expected on this price room and this size of a town. Big bathroom sure was nice, but I would have put my effort on the functionality of the room. Unless they know that people staying in the Motel West spend more time in the bathroom then in bedroom, so in that case the effort was correct and we didn’t realized to get food poisoning from the restaurants.. or something. Oh well, the rate for this motel goes like this.

Cleanliness 2 /5
Service 1 /5
Comfort 2 /5
Condition 3 /5
Location 3 /5

over all 2,2 / 5

Other customers in weren’t as judgmental as us: 3,6/5. We weren’t as impressed of the bathroom as others. =D


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