Hotel Rating: Venice Breeze Suites, Venice, CA

I admit it. Sometimes is just hard to be unbiased. But it’s same as everything else in customer services. When something is better, when something truly exceeds customers expectations, its easy to forgive other things. This why this 3 star hotel got almost full 5/5 from us.


Let’s be honest. If this would have been your typical Extended-super9-Micro-Inn near highway, without breakfast, this would got us something between 2,6-3,3 out of 5. Only One simple thing, learned from real estate people, gave this hotel glorious 4,8/5: location, location, location.

Well, to be exact, this isn’t Hollywood. I visited the sign and I visited the Hall of Fame. Sign was awesome, so was the stars on the street, but the cosplay heros ripping of peoples money. That Sucked. No, this is better, this is Venice beach!

Before I go to the review of the hotel, I have to tell funny thing, that happened about 8-9 months after this trip.  I was watching TV and movie, I haven’t seen in years, comes up. Pure classic: Romy and Michele’s high school reunion (excuse me my sarcasm in this point). I was almost changing the channel, but then came the first scene: over view from beach, zooming to some apartment, which turn out to be girls apartment. Something looked familiar with that building. WHAT THA HECK!?!? It was OUR building, where we stayed and we had no idea. For very understandable reasons nobody told us, that this house was part of that legendary film. Then I started to think what was our room. It was a top floor, and we had windows both…. WAU!!! Our apartment was girls apartment: top floor, windows on left. YES! (but now I have to say, that this experience didn’t have an effect to the overall points.)

romy ja michelle


Living Room & Kitchen


I first noticed the IKEA furniture. POÄNG -chairs  and lamp, what name I can’t remeber. BRAGA? I felt like home right away =D

View, or THE View was directly to Venice beach. You could see the beach, the sand and the ocean. Palm trees, roller skaters, street sellers… All what you have seen in the movies about this place. Loved it. This was the reason, why this place got such a great points. The view and the location.

After The View , second greatest thing was the hard wood floor. No full carpet floor, Hallelujah! No rug, no allergies, fantastic! It also freshed the space up nicely.

Now later on thinking, it would have been fun, if there would have been DVD player and only one DVD, Romy and Michele, to give a visitors little surprise to see their apartment in a movie. Also it would be nice if there would have been couple of other DVDs what would have been shot on Venice beach, to get that legendary feeling: “I saw that, we were there yesterday” and so on. There is about 350 titles in the films in Venice Beach and here is about the most famous ones:

Nightcrawler (2014), American History X (1998), Thirteen (2003), Jackie Brown (1997), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Lords of Dogtown (2005), The Bling Ring (2013), Falling Down (1993), Get Shorty (1995), The Doors (1991), Fletch (1985), White Men Can’t Jump (1992), American Gigolo (1980) and Point of No Return (1993) (just in case its sometimes rainy in the Venice beach, or for those late nights you just can’t sleep)



The IKEA decoration continues: MALM -drawer, MALM -nightstand, vase that looked like SALONG and KLABB-lamp. (Yes, I work in IKEA, how did you noticed?). In the bedroom therw was also walk in closet and TV. The bed was big and comfortable, I forgot to check, was it also from IKEA. =D From bedroom there was entry to the bathroom also.

Some of the furniture were little bit in bad condition (specially the drawer in bedroom), but it was still in working order.


I fell in love with this bathroom. Living room and Kitchen had happy and bright yellow accent wall, but this was pure white. Little bit gray for accent. Ah, fantastic!  Bathroom was in good condition and very luxerious.


In any other case we would have probably given little less because of the missing breakfast, but because overall the service, the location and the premises were in order, it compensated a lot the missing meal.

Cleanliness 5 /5
Service 4 /5
Comfort 5 /5
Condition 5 /5
Location 5 /5

total Score 4,8 / 5 4,1/5 because of the missing breakfast. Other ways people have loved this as much as we did. Value in was $257, but we paid little less, thank you for those free nights. I can truly recommend this hotel/ apartment hotel to others too. Very nicely decorated, fun and stylish, location was excellent, only short walk distance away from Santa Monica Pier and very nice view. Thank you, Venice Breeze Suites for great stay! We really loved it and if we come someday again to Venice Beach, we want to come back again to you guys!


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