Old Griffith Park Zoo, Los Angeles, California

When we went to LA, we didn’t know that there was abandoned Zoo in the LA. One day I just surfed in the YouTube and saw couple of girls going in to “ghost hunt”. Girls weren’t TAPS exactly, but idea to visit old Zoo was interesting. I have to admit, that when we went there, I didn’t know anything about it, know that I write this is the first time I read its history. Shame on me, would have been fantastic to know something about it before going in. Here is what I learned from Wikipedia:

“The Griffith Park Zoo was a city-owned zoo in Los Angeles, California that opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 with the opening of the Los Angeles Zoo. The abandoned site of the Griffith Park Zoo, complete with the ruins of animal enclosures, is now a picnic area and hiking trail in Griffith Park.

– –  The Griffith Park Zoo opened in 1912 with a grand total of 15 animals. The new zoo was built on the site of Griffith J. Griffith’s defunct ostrich farm. In the mid 1920s, film producer William Nicholas Selig donated many of the animals from his studios, which he had attempted to convert into an animal theme park, to the new zoo.

It was expanded in the 1930s by work crews from the Works Progress Administration. Most of the enclosures were built in the caves-with-iron-bars style which was then standard for zoos.

As Los Angeles grew, the small Griffith Park Zoo was increasingly criticized as an “inadequate, ugly, poorly designed and under-financed collection of beat-up cages”, despite drawing more than 2 million visitors a year.In 1958 the city passed a $8 million bond measure to create a brand new zoo. Griffith Park Zoo closed in August 1966 and its animals were transferred to the new Los Angeles Zoo 2 miles away, which opened in November 1966. The animal enclosures, with the bars removed, were left as ruins; picnic benches or tables were installed in some of them.”

What it comes to ghost hunt, didn’t see or heard any. Perhaps I’m not that “sensitive”… But there were couple of other teams with cameras and recorders, so there are many eager hunters out there.

But here are the pics, hope you enjoy them!



I saw only one bird in the area, so looks like animals are avoiding the area.. only people wants to go in the cages anymore.

Do you know other these kind of places or go you know (ghost) stories what has happened in here. Please share them with me in comments!


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