Rating: Super8, Hollywood, CA

We wanted to stay one night in the city before ending the trip “with a bang” in Venice Suites. Because we are budget travelers, be ended up booking Super8 from Hollywood. Location was OK, Hollywood Boulevard and Forever Hollywood Cemetery were walk distance away. Also Walgreens was close. The room itself was little bit small and bed was definitely small for two adults bigger then size 2. Room includes breakfast, but it’s “dry breakfast” like I would call it: cereal, toast and so on.


The Evening brought us something that I have only seen on TV and didn’t believe I could see it on my own eyes: Helicopter was flying over the town near us and headed a spotlight on the ground. Didn’t see if it was a cop copter or News group, but that was quite “and Action!” scene for us.


It’s your ordinary Super8, nothing extra ordinary and it’s shown in the points: pretty average.

Cleanliness 4 /5
Service 2 /5
Comfort 3 /5
Condition 3,5 /5
Location 2 /5

Total Score 2,9 /5

We booked this motel through Priceline.com and we paid $83,20 of it.


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