Brewery Rating: Hair of the Dog, Portland, Oregon

Can there be a brewery that even non – drinker could enjoy? Yes. One of those is in Portland, and its perfect starting from its name: Hair of the dog.


I have to say I love American craftbeer culture, which is kind of crazy for person who doesn’t drink. Where in Finland bars are mostly concentrated on beer and offer perhaps only a pack of peanuts, In America makes the breweries places to spend time. There is usually great selection of food and soft drinks. All this offers Hair of the dog too.

With our first visit, during LA-LV-OR-LA trip, we ordered Brisket and Chuck Norris Duck wings. Jan said that his brisket was good but I thought that my duck wings were little bit too complex. If the food was together OK, beer list was more than just OK.

Beerlist was clear and large and  there were some vintage beers also. According to our expert Jan, beers were magnificent and still reasonably priced. I also loved the lady, who is working there. First time we visited there was May and on our way to Hawaii, 5 months later, we visited the place again and she was like “do I know you guys from somewhere?” Yep, you do. =D Only different was that at that time I was heavily pregnant.

File 22.5.2016 9.41.31

Speciality on the list Dave from 1994, which can be bought for $1500. Yeah… we didn’t bought that. It would have cost more than our flight tickets, wedding ring and 4 -5 nights stays… on our second trip, in October Jan sat down with nice local gentleman who started to tease the poor lady by telling that we are going to buy the bottle, but thank goodness she didn’t believe that. There would have gone our honeymoon money!

Kids are allowed to the premises and they offer a free WiFi. Also dogs have been seen on the patio, so place is perfect stop for whole family.


But enought of non-drinkers opinions, what does the expert say? At this point, Jans best beer drank EVER was in Hair Of the Dog on our first visit: Hair of the dog Matt, which received amazing 4,6 points out of 5 points. “12 oz bottle at the Hair of the Dog, Portland, OR. 2013 vintage. Dark reddish brown colour with no head. Plums, figs, prunes, more dark fruits, sweetness, mild chocolate notes, sweet malt and dessert wine in the aroma. The flavour is… out of this world. Amazing flavour of dark fruits, sweetness, brandy, chocolate, malt and all the goodness in the world. So so so tasty! I’m willing to sell my soul now!” What kind of points would have the even older got, if I would have him bought it? Perhaps we never know or we will know next time, the thrid time we visit the place. When will that be? Unfortunately not in fall, but hopefully soon!

How about the place? Here is Jans opinions about that: “I had very high expectations for this place. And it was more than I expected. After a short walk from the downtown over the bridge we arrived to this magical place. It was Tuesday just past midday and there was plenty of space to sit. The service was impeccable. Very friendly lady brought us tasty food and amazing beers. There were lots of old vintages of their greatest beers available. I had for example Matt which rocketed to my RB rating #1. They also had Dave but $1,500 was a bit too much. Altogether 8 taps, 7 own ones and one 3 Floyds when we visited. My absolute favourite in Portland and one of the best in the world. Definitely worth visiting. A revisit in October. No need to change a thing. She even remembered us.” You could say he liked it…

Place is great for beer enthusiasts, non-drinkers, families, pet owners… perfect pit stop or longer stay for everyone.

Contact Info:

61 SE Yamhill St
Portland, Oregon United States 97214

Tues-Sun 11:30 AM – 8 PM; Fri & Sat until 10 PM


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