Rating: Stone Brewing Company

Rating: Stone Brewing Company


n San Diego Stone Brewing Company has found fantastic location from Old Naval Training station. Hidden in the area there also other companies, shops and so on. Place is perfect for whole family, because restaurant area is big and you can find also little bit quieter spots away from the bar. The place is actually really big and because of that space the brewery atmosphere is little bit cold. It has lost its nice intimate, homey feeling. Place is meant for eating, tables are big, so that bigger crowd or large selection of food will fit.

Gift shop has really big selection of clothes, caps, glasses etc. Specially funny was baby clothing that said “My daddy is an arrogant bastard.” At the time we didn’t bought it because we were just hoping for a baby but now, one year later with a little baby boy, we bought this online. Now boy and daddy will be funny combo with “Arrogant Bastard” T-shirt and “My daddy is an arrogant Bastard” body. Can’t wait!

Our Expert was little bit short worded about Stone Brewing: “I don’t exactly know what to think about this place. It’s a nice exterior but… it feels like it’s a setup. Everything is really clinical. Yes, the beer selection is impressive but where’s the craft beer soul?” There you have it: a place without a soul. Still, if you are a beer hunter, of course you visit this place. If you want to see old Naval Training station, which is awesome looking, of course you visit this place. If you want a cosy feeling, where you could stay for hours.. well, you go somewhere else.
Contact info
1999 Citracado Pkwy
Escondido, California United States 92029
Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM


 Rating: Stone Brewing Company

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