Great Beers, Small Breweries Festival, Tampere, Finland

SOPP is annual beer festival that is kept in 4 different cities in Finland. In Tampere there were 23 small breweries, near and far (inside Finland though). This year newest was Mallaskuu from Lapua and the farmost from Oulu.

In Tampere there was few “Finland winning” beers and breweries For example Bryggeri Helsinki was selected as a 2016 best beer restaurant and Plevna offered 2015 best beer Siperia. 


I may be biased because both me and my husband has couple Pyynnikin kösityöläispanimos shares, but this was a spot I was most excited. And for one really good reaaon. 

261our wedding beer

Pyynikki had our wedding beer on a tap. And I don’t mean like we offered this in our wedding in 8.8.2015. No, its our wedding beer like my husband created it with his friend / best man aka home brewery K1P, made first trial batch about 20 liters,  decided to make a bigger, 400 liters and brewed it at Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo, where our wedding was also held and Pyynikki liked the beer so much that they asked if they could brew it for commercial activities. Wau! Thats a great honor! We are so happy that this beer brewed with love has found its way to Alko and also to restaurants (and now in beer festival)

_MG_2790_MG_2791262Photo 28.5.2016 7.50.42_MG_2798_MG_2801_MG_2803_MG_2811_MG_2813

If you wonder why o why I want ti show that yellow house on a background, reason is simple: it’s our home. Well, its home for many families, us included. I feel like we have been truly blessed (that the beer festival was so close *wink*)


The festival has free entry before 6pm and till that point also minors were allowed to the premises. After that entry fee was 10 euroa and no minirs allowed. Not even this little cool dude, our son, with his cool Boneyard Brewery body (I had matching t-shirt, I dig their logo so much!). 

There were threw different portion sizes: 1,2 and 4 desiliter. One desi was new, about a sampler size, glass cost 5 euros and beer 1 euro. Bigger glass was 3 euros and you get 2 euros back if you return the glass when leaving the festival. 2 dl cost about 3 euros and 4 dl abour 5 euros. Surely this wasn’t cheap festival. 

I also took a periscope video in there. 


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