Sangaste Loss, Estonia

After the Finnish text you find article in English. And there is LOTS of pictures.

Lyhyesti suomeksi:

Uskomattomin kokemukseni on varmasti pitkään yöpyminen Sangaste Lossissa eli Sangaste linnassa. Kun  minulta kysyttiin ennen lähtöä haluaisinko yöpyä linnassa, ajattelin, että kyseessä oli “linna” eli oikeasti jonkin sortin pieni kartano, jota kutsuttaisiin linnaksi, mutta paikan päälle päästessäni hoksasin, että kyseessä oli ihan oikeasti Linna. Alun perin siinä oli ollut 99 huonetta (koska tsaarin aikaan vain tsaarilla sai olla yli sata huonetta), nykyään niitä oli vähän yhdistelty ja tehty hotellihuoneksi jne. 

Meillä piti alunperin olla tavallinen hotellihuone, mutta kun vastaanoton rouva näki meidät ja vauvan, hän järjesti meille isomman huoneen, jossa oli pari sänky. Ja uskomattoman huoneen järjestikin! Se ei ollut hotellin puolella niin kuin osa huoneista, vaan se oli linnan puolella, sisustettu todella tyylikkäillä huonekaluilla ja kylpyhuoneessa oli oikein poreamme. 

Illan aikana koimmekin aika jänniä hetkiä ammeen kanssa. Illalla haluaisin ehdottomasti kokeilla ammetta ja lopetettuani kylpemisen laskin vedet pois. Noin parikymmentä minuuttia myöhemmin altaan suuttimet meni yllättäen päälle vaikka amme oli tyhjä! Tavallaan karmaisevaa, mutta todennäköinen syy oli se, että en vain osannut sulkea sitä ja laitoin vahingossa jonkun automaatti ajon päälle. 

Linna oli kyllä uskomattoman komea ja yllätykseksemme sen pystyy vuokraamaan jopa 2000 euron hinnalla sisältäen aamupalan. Kun kysyin vastaavaa tarjousta Vanajan linnalta, he eivät pääseet niin alhaiseen tarjoukseen mitenkään. Täytyy myöntää, että alkoi houkutella juhlien järjestäminen heti kun tuon sain tietään. Enää pitäisi löytää sellainen 2000 euroa + kuljetukset ja syy juhlia… 

Linnasta löytyy paljon tietoa englanniksi, joten jos vain haluat jatkaa lukemista ja linnaan tutustumista, lue tästä eteenpäin. Ja kuvia on PALJON!

In English

Have to say that night in Sangaste, small town of 228 people,  goes straight to one of the most remarkable nights ever slept outside home. On our Estonian road trip in Estonia we saw many manors and some castles and when my husband asked before this trip, if I would like to stay in a castle, I thought he meant a manor, which was called a castle, like these things usually are. Well, is this a manor or Castle, I let you decide later, when I put photos in, but one thing is sure: this isn’t your ordinary country club manor. This is truly something else.

Wikipedia tells us this from the castle:

“Sangaste castle (German: Schloss Sagnitz) traces its history to at least 1522, when it was part of the estates of the bishop of Tartu. The current building was built in 1879-1883 and designed by architect Otto Pius Hippius. It is built in a neo-Gothic style with influences from Tudor architecture, and considered one of the most impressive examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the Baltic States. Several original interior details have been preserved to this day. The manor house was unusually modern for its time, equipped with central heating, telephones in 1896, and electric light in 1907.

According to legend, it owes its existence to an insult the local count Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg received in his youth. When attempting to wed a young English lady, her father objected to giving his daughter away to “some Russian savage”. Nowadays the castle is administratively located in the nearby Lossiküla village.”





When we came in, we had booked a night with double bed, cost 89 euros. When we checked in, the receptionist looked at us and suddenly left. We were little bit like “oooo-kay” but then she came back and told that she upgrades us to a room where we can have double bed, because it’s easier with a little child. That is so true, it would be little bit easier. She brought us to a room what I would have thought is one of the public rooms, because its right next a libarary and somekind of old game room (later to discover as a billiard room), now a days more like a museum.


When talking about old castles, at least to me there is always thought of its history and the ghosts. I didn’t see anything (except the sun rise when I woke up at 3.30) but still something strange happened, but it can be explained with person who doesn’t know what she is doing. As you can see, I had to try the jacuzzi. After the bath, I emptied it and left the bath. About 20 minutes later suddenly the jacuzzi showers were turned on even though there wasn’t any water. Perhaps I just didn’t know how to turn the bath off, perhaps it was something else… ;D

Legend says that the builder wanted there to be ghosts, just like in the old castles, but because the castle was new and no one had died there, he bought paintings that looked like they were following the people walking by the painting. In the end the paintings needed to be taken away because a maid fainted in front of them.




The room was amazing! Big, spacious, beautiful old furniture, own balcony, own jacuzzi… We were overwhelmed. Later last night Jan started to google this plaze and looks like we have been upgraded to perhaps a Bridal suite. WAU! If so, this room would cost 159 euros per night. We even figured out that you can rent this whole castle for yourself for 2000 euros per day during January to April. Wau! That includes 16 rooms, 32 persons and 18 extra beds and it even covers a breakfast. I have never rented a castle before but now I sure do want to!

If you got excited too about the idea to rent a castle, this is from Sangaste Loss’s page.

“Rental of the entire Sangaste castle in 2015

Rental of the whole building covers the use of all castle rooms and 16 bedrooms in the castle hotel (32 beds, 18 extra beds). Twenty extra beds are available at the castle hotel and 45 at the hostel. Price for an extra bed is 20€, including breakfast. Sangaste Castle welcomes weddings/parties with up to 140 guests.”
Month Day Price
January–April Mon–Sun 2000 €
May–August Mon–Thu 2500 €
May–August Fri–Sun 4500 €
September–November Mon–Thu 2000 €
September-November Fri–Sun 2500 €
December Mon–Thu 2200 €
December Fri–Sun 4500 €


I Don’t know if rates are same in 2016.

This is also from their page:

“Some history of the Castle

When F. G. M. von Berg (1845–1938), the last Lord of Sangaste, took over the manor household after his father’s death in 1866, the family lived in the 18th century mansion approximately a hundred meters north-west of the castle. Young Berg decided to build a new mansion. He had been inspired by English castles (Berg had even visited the royal castles of Windsor and Balmoral). Berg’s ideas were put on paper by Tallinn architect Otto Pius Hippius (1826–1883 and no, I’m not making this up). Berg dreamed up a true castle with spacious rooms and different windows for each room (check out the castle windows!). Construction took 7 years, from 1874 to 1881. The castle originally had 99 rooms, since a home over 100 rooms was only allowed for the Czar. Reconstructed and refurbished as a Soviet Pioneer Camp,  the castle had as many as 149 rooms (including storerooms).

The main entrance is marked by a gate tower (although without the portcullis, suspended bridge and trench) over an arched-column entrance hall. The hall boasts exceptional acoustics – whispers one corner are clearly audible in the other. The castle’s picturesque silhouette is formed by towers with different shapes. Step-gables, dormers and protruding and retracted facade elements contribute to an eclectic richly-structured style. A special feature of the new way of life was a glass-roof winter garden, which has unfortunately not been preserved.


The first floor is for official rooms – a high Gothic ballroom in the shape of a Roman edifice, a beautiful Spanish Room with Moorish influence, and an English-style hunting room with an oak ceiling. The Count’s bedroom was on the first floor as well.

IMG_4124IMG_4127_MG_4115_MG_4116IMG_4122IMG_4129iso juhlasali

The second floor included bedrooms for the family of his son Ermes ( I guess this is where we stayed), a library and a billiards room.
On the third floor were the servants’ rooms and in the adjacent wing, or the main tower wing, the guest bedrooms. From here, one can also access the watchtower (that was tricky to get in, I didn’t have the guts to go all the way up with a baby in my arms).
The manor property includes the castle, circular stable, dairy, granary and water tower. Currently, only the castle is open for visitors. An arboretum is located behind the castle.
_MG_4230_MG_4233_MG_4106We recommend you book group visits in advance. During the summer season, we reserve the right to restrict the hours of operation. Admission tickets are sold at the castle. Proceeds go towards the renovation of Sangaste Castle.
Castle admission:

  • Adult ticket 3 €
  • Student ticket 2 €
  • Children under 7 years are free of charge
Guide services:

  • Estonian 35 €
  • Foreign languages (English, German, Finnish, Russian) 45 €
 During the times of Count Berg, the Sangaste Castle Hunting Room was only used for festive dining with family or friends. The Count usually ate in a dining room behind the ballroom. In front of the Hunting Room fireplace, the children gathered to listen to hunting tales. The wall next to the fireplace bears the names and height marks of children raised at the castle. (If I understood correctly, the room is same where we ate breakfast).
The castle restaurant serves local food and real rye vodka made from Sangaste rye. (They also have own Schloss-Sagnitz Sangaste Rukkiõlu -beer made out of local rye)
If I analyze the breakfast little, I have to say it wasn’t most glamorous what I have seen, it wasn’t as large the range as some of the more expensive hotels, but still it was REALLY good. The food looked great, presentation looked great and they tasted even better. The breakfast suited the place. We were on a country side, it was country -style performance with honest food and even the butter… I have never thought that you could put salt and pepper on top of the butter to make it look good. No need for single packed butters, just honest butter with spices. It was perfect. And the apple pie (if I remember correctly), YAMMY!!! If one thing I could do differently, I would have wanted to know how much of the food was local. For example the apples, were they from Estonia, were they from Sangaste? Was the bread from local bakery? I have read so much about local vodka and beer that it left me wonder, is there more?
Also one another thing I would do is stolen from Vihula Country Club & Spa. They offered a map, which told what building was which. Even though buildings aren’t possible to visit, still they were interesting and I would have loved to know which they were. Also some kind of map of the castle would have been fantastic to show which room is which and understood little bit where I am and how the castle is built.
Sangaste Castle is one of the 21 Southern Estonian places worth discovering that are marked with a yellow National Geographic window; if you are interested in culture and history, it is definitely worth a visit.
For the honest opinion the place is fascinating combination of real authentic castle with its problems (at some part it’s little bit worn out and in some points its in really good condition), combination of truly beautiful old furniture and 1970’s couches and teddy bears at times. Really good food, products that look really commercial and high-quality even though I saw with my own eyes, they made some of the products right then and there and again to level that out, winter garden that would look so much better with better quality furniture. It’s really, I don’t know better word than fascinating, combination of fabulous castle, high-quality products and compromises with a budget. This place has really high potentials and I have to say I fell in love with it. #recommended
We rated the place this:
Cleanliness 3/5
Service 4/5
Comfort 4,5/5
Condition 3,5/5
Location 2,5/5
Total 3,5/5
The room cost us 89 euros + 4 euros for beer and we were upgraded for more expensive room. We were little bit disappointed that it received from us the same points as the Vihula Manor, because we loved this so much more. We would love to give this an extra points for overall experience, which would be 5/5.

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