3 Great Ideas of Packing – Tried, Tested & Recommended

How many has over packed when going for vacation? I sure have. Took me awhile till I realized how I can make sure I don’t over pack and how to travel light(er).

Another question: How many has bought something from their trips? I most definitely have! And sometimes those shoppings combine with already full packed suitcase has been little bit problematic. Then I realized the true beauty of my husbands packing tips. Now I tell all my learnings to You!

D-day. The day your trip starts. Did you remember phone charger? Where are the passports? Did you remember to do the check in? Is everything with you what you needed? Did you remember to turn off the coffee maker? Your head goes through million things when you are leaving. You probably have a small bag (at least ladies have a purse) where you have keys, passports, chargers, lipsticks etc and they go it through at least 5 times before leaving. Then you have a carry on for all those must have items  and then, of course the big suitcase. You carry all this, throw it the back of the taxi, pull them through a crowded airport, drop suitcase to baggage drop and pull the carry on through safety check and at last you try to stuff the Carry On to crowded luggage compartment while you have a purse at your feet. When you Finally sit down, sweaty and annoyed and you remember that something you would need on the flight is on the carry on above you. Do you feel relaxed? You are going on holiday and still your stress level is sky high. How about if you

  1. Pack Only Your Carry On

I can Imagine Some persons reaction. NO WAY!! But hear me out! The Internet is full of ideas how to pack only the essential on your trips in your Carry On (and some day I will post my version too). Inspiration you can find for example

Now that you have been shocked, I have little treat for you, You can bring also your suitcase. Lets go to step 2!


2. Pack Your Carry On Inside a Suitcase

This is The Greatest Idea I have EVER thought! When you can fit ALL your clothing, toiletries and accessories in a Carry On, You can pack Your Carry On to a Suitcase. Why? For two obvious reasons:

  1. less luggage to pull / handle in the airport & in airplane and
  2. Space to ALL your new clothes and souvenirs when you come back.

Yes. You are most likely to buy some new clothes on the road and probably some souvenirs too. Carry On may come quite cramped when you try to fit them all in one small bag.

Even though I’m cheaper than Uncle Scrooge and rarely buy clothes for myself, I usually loose control in my favorite thrift stores Savers & Value Village (no, this isn’t bought advertisement or sponsored post, this comes straight from my heart). I usually buy at least 3 pair of jeans and about five to ten shirts / cardigans from there, hence the bigger suitcase. Also my husband usually buys some souvenirs from our trips too, as much  craft beers as he can fit in suitcases, so that’s why we bring as much suitcases as we can bring to our flights. (More about those beers in step 3).


3. Don’t bring Your A game! Instead bring Your Most worn Out Clothes. 

I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who has “holy socks” in the closet. And I’m not speaking about religious socks! For some weird reason my socks always wear out on big toe first but they are OK in every where else. This is the part where my husband had great idea!

Do you have socks with holes in them and underwear, t-shirts, jeans and other clothes that are in the end of their  lifespan? Why not bring those well worn clothes for their one last trip before putting them to recycle / reuse? You don’t have to bring your dirty clothes back to home either, when you put your worn out clothes to recycle.

When I find “holy socks” on my closet, I put them aside in little bag with the panties to wait our next trip. Before trip I also go through my closet to find those worn out clothes and compete them with just a few better quality clothes. Before trip I have already half packed Carry On when I have done this during the year.

When we have worn out all our worn out socks and undies, we go shopping! Again something new to bring back home. Some times I also pack clothes that I haven’t wear in a long time, thinking that this is the last time I wear them and donate them forward but after I have used them I have fell in love with them again and I haven’t had the heart to donate them forward. Oh well, at least I have used them before putting them back on the closet.


To be honest, at times I have so many pair of socks with me that I can’t use them during the trip but it’s OK. We have another use to them. When coming back with hubby’s craft beer bottles, we back the bottles in t-shirts and put the wrapped bottle inside a sock. Nice and tight like a snug as a bug in a rug.


In the End few words about the bags. Overall I have been pleased with them. My Faraway suitcase and IKEA Family UPPTÄCKA Carry On has been serving me well for 4 years for now and the Carry On fits like a glove inside a Suitcase. More about Faraway in the bottom, but I have to praise UPPTÄCKA Carry On, it’s still working perfectly, there isn’t any dents in it and it has hard covers. UPPTÄCKA was selected the best Carry on in Kuluttaja magazine comparison and I can understand why! I only wish it would have turning wheels, would be even more easier around the airport, but its still OK.

My 90 euros Faraway suitcase was bought from Tesco some where around Europe, probably Spain, about 4 years ago after my max 30 euros Fabric Suitcase bought from Tenerife broke after one year use. What we learned from this? Price matters. In our case covers should be hard, preferably polycarbonate or other hard plastic. All those craft beers need to come home safely. I think I’m soon again in the situation that I have to buy new suitcase, because my Tesco suitcase is near its end. The wheel is taped and some plastic parts have broken, the covers itself are still OK. I think that I’m in the situation that I have to find a new suitcase on our trip. Sponsors are welcomed *wink wink*!





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