Appalachian Road Trip

Miles Driven :

States Visited: 8 States + DC (VA, WV, NC, TN, AL, GA, SC, MD, DC)

Cities/town visited:

Motel / Hotels rated:

Average rate for accommodation:

Accommodation costs:

Dream come true:

  • Jaana: Visit Georgia
  • Jan: Ashville, NC

The most Beautiful thing:

  • Jaana: The Dragon roads in the beautiful woods or Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks
  • Jan: Blue Ridge Parkway

Best food:

  • Jaana: Mahi Mahi or some other fish in Outer Banks
  • Jan: Skylight Inn Barbeque, Aiden

Best day

  • Jaana: Day in Asheville, NC or the Coca Cola World in Atlanta, GA
  • Jan: First day in the Appalachs and Ashville, NC

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: Asheville, NC
  • Jan: Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC

Best / Favorite hotel / motel:

  • Jaana & Jan: Ocean Front Inn, Virginia Beach, VA

Weirdest thing:

  • Jaana:
  • Jan:


  • Jaana:
  • Jan: Ramada Inn, Kill Devil Hills, NC

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana: Dashboard Cam in Blue Ridge Parkway and visit Smithsonian national museums (didn’t have the time last time we were there).
  • Jan: in Atlanta more time

Breweries visited: 18

Beer drank: 228

DAY 1: Washington, DC – Winchester, VA

  • Hotel raiting: Wyndham, Winchester, VA

DAY 2: Winchester, VA – Beckley, WV

  • Hotel raiting: Country Inn, Beckley, WV

DAY 3: Beckley, WV – Roanoke, VA

  • Motel Raiting: Howard Johnson, Roanoke, VA

DAY 4: Roanoke, VA – Asheville, NC

  • Motel raiting: Gray Rock Inn, Asheville, NC

DAY 5: Asheville, NC

DAY 6: Asheville, NC – Sevierville, TN

  • River view Inn, Sevierville, TN

DAY 7: Sevierville, TN – Chattanooga, TN

  • Hotel raiting: Microtel, Chattanooga, TN

DAY 8: Chattanooga, TN – Atlanta, GA

  • Coca Cola World, Atlanta, GA
  • Hotel raiting: La Quinta, Atlanta, GA

DAY 9: Atlanta, GA – Greenville, SC

  • Hotel raiting: Greenville, SC

DAY 10: Greenville, SC – Charlotte, NC

  • Motel raiting: Super8, Charlotte, NC

DAY 11: Charlotte, NC – Greenville, NC

  • Hotel raiting: Microtel, Greenville, NC

DAY 12: Greenville, NC – Kill Devil Hills, NC

  • Hotel raiting: Ramada Inn, Kill Devil Hills, NC

DAY 13: Kill Devil Hills, NC – Virginia Beach, VA

  • Ocean Front Inn, Virginia Beach, VA

DAY 14: Virginia Beach, VA – Washington DC

  • AirB’n’B rating: Adam & Jen, Washington DC

DAY 15:  Washington DC – Helsinki, FI

  • Hotel raiting: radisson Blue royal, Helsinki, FI