European Road Trip 2014

Miles Driven :

Countries Visited: 14 (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, German, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Hungary, Slovenia)

Cities/town visited:

Motel / Hotels/Camps rated:

Average rate for accommodation:

Accommodation costs:

Dream come true:

  • Jaana: Visit Venice
  • Jan: Bratislava Pub Crawl

The most Beautiful thing:

  • Jaana: Sunset on Venice Fusina camping or Autocamp Pušća in Krk, Croatia
  • Jan: Alps

Best food:

  • Jaana: Clams and Tuna Tartar in Autocamp Pušća, Krk
  • Jan: Tuna Tartar in Autocamp Pušća, Croatia

Best day

  • Jaana: Venice
  • Jan: Bratislava + Venice

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: Piran, Slovenia
  • Jan: Krakova, Bratislava, Praha

Best / Favorite hotel / motel / camping:

  • Jaana: Camp de Fusina, Venice, Italy or Schwangau, German (the cows, so cute)
  • Jan: Autocamp Pušća, Krk, Croatia

Weirdest thing:

  • Jaana: Gallery hotel, Praha.
  • Jan: While visiting Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany there was religious holiday and everything, I mean EVE-RY-THING was closed. Great day to visit those countries.


  • Jaana:how rude campers can be, when it comes to view. This happend in Autocamp Pušća.
  • Jan: Almost every accommodation and how closed the countries were during Christian holiday.

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana: Spend more time in Croatia and Czech Republic.
  • Jan: Book Hotels instead of camping areas and go to the trip with smaller car then a RV.

Breweries visited: 17

Beer drank: 123


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