Honeymoon in Hawaii

Miles Driven : Island around couple of times

States Visited: 3 (HI, WA, OR)

Cities/town visited: Portland, Seattle and in Oahu 10 cities / towns.

Motel / Hotels rated: 3 hotels / motels

Average rate for accommodation:

Accommodation costs:

Dream come true:

  • Jaana: I got to visit Hawaii. Big Dream! And swim in the ocean.
  • Jan: Honeymoon in Hawaii.

The most Beautiful thing:

  • Jaana: Mokuleia Beach.
  • Jan: sunset on Waikiki Beach

Best food:

  • Jaana: Lemon Butter Shrip.
  • Jan: Shrimp Trucks & Dole Whip

Best day

  • Jaana: Day on North Shore watching turtles & eating Lemon Butter Shrimps at Giovanni’s. #recommend Thank You Dan for that day! Just another day at the paradise, eh!
  • Jan: Last days in Pacific Beach hotel where we just relaxed and enjoyed the peace.

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: North Shore, where the Shrimp Trucks are.
  • Jan: No Specific.

Best / Favorite hotel / motel:

  • Jaana & Jan: Pacific Beach Hotel.

Weirdest thing:

  • Jaana: Hawaiian Barbeque
  • Jan: Honolulu all together, mix of Chinese & Japanese tourists, tropical heat, American culture, high prices and rude service.


  • Jaana: Hawaiian Barbeque again.
  • Jan: Waikiki

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana & Jan: Island Hopping, wouldn’t stay only on Oahu next time.

Breweries visited: 5

Beer drank: 122