Mid West Road trip

One month road trip in US. I think I don’t even need to say it was amazing. True dream come true!

Miles Driven : 5456 miles (8780 km)

States Visited: 16 states (IL, MO, AR, OK, TX, LA, MS, FL, AL, TN, OH, KY, IN, WI, MI, GA)

Cities/town visited:

Motel / Hotels rated:

Average rate for accommodation:

Accommodation costs:

Dream come true:

  • Jaana: Dancing in the rain and listening Brass Band in New Orleans
  • Jan: Jester King

The most Beautiful thing:

  • Jaana: Jester Kings Beer Garden, big trees and chandeliers in there
  • Jan:

Best food:

  • Jaana: Salt Lick, Austin, TX
  • Jan: Etoufee & Gumbo, New Orleans, TX

Best day

  • Jaana: Galveston, TX
  • Jan: Day in Michigan. Founders, Bells & Microtel in Kalamazoo

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: Austin, Texas
  • Jan: Austin, TX or St Louis, TX

Best / Favorite hotel / motel:

  • Jaana: St Louis
  • Jan: St Louis, Pensacola, FL , Microtel in Kalamazoo

Weirdest thing:

  • Jaana: Pigs feet and Turkey neck eaten in New Orleans, Louisiana, Branson, Missouri or “Hell is hot hot hot and there’s no water in Hell.” in Alabama. can’t pick just one.
  • Jan: Laws selling beer in Mississippi.


  • Jaana: accommodation in New Orleans.
  • Jan: not one Cigar City beer found, not even in Florida.

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana: 4 days in New Orleans was quite much, we should have visit the neighborhood little bit wider.
  • Jan: Slowing down, quite a quick paste was on this trip.

Breweries visited: 30

Beer drank: 330


Day 1: O’Hare International Airport – Springfield, IL

Day 2: Springfield, IL – St Louis, MO

  • Gateway Arch, St Louis

Day 3: St Louis, MO – Rolla, MO

Day 4: Rolla, MO – Branson, MO

Day 5: Branson, MO – Fayetteville, AR

Day 6: Fayetteville, ER – Oklahoma City, OK

  • TapWerks Ale House,Oklahoma City

Day 7: Oklahoma City, OK – Dallas, TX

Day 8: Dallas, TX – Austin, TX

Day 9: Austin, TX

  • Jester King
  • Salt Lick

Day 10: Austin, TX – Galveston, TX

Day 11: Galveston, TX – Lafayette, LA

Day 12: Lafayette, LA – Baton Rouge, LA

  • Tabasco

Day 13: Baton Rouge, LA – New Orleans, LA

Day 14: New Orleans, LA

Day 15: New Orleans, LA

Day 16: New Orleans, LA –

Day 17: New Orleans, LA – Biloxi, MS

  • Golden Nugget, Biloxi, MS

Day 18: Biloxi, MS – Pensacola, FL

Day 19: Pensacola, FL -Huntsville, AL

Day 20: Huntsville, AL – Nashville, TN

Day 21: Nashville, TN – Lexington, KY

Day 22: Lexington, KY – Indianapolis, IN

Day 23: Indianapolis, IN – Heizelcrest, IL

Day 24: Heizelcrest, IL – Madison, WI

Day 25: Madison, WI – Chicago, IL

Day 26: Chicago, IL – Kalamazoo, MI

Day 27: Kalamazoo, MI – Chicago, IL

Day 28: Chicago, IL

Day 29: Chicago, IL – Helsinki, FI

Initerary for One month road trip



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