New York Road Trip

Miles Driven :

States Visited: 4 states (NY, NJ, MD, DE)

Cities/town visited:

Motel / Hotels rated: 3

Average rate for accommodation:

Accommodation costs:

Dream come true:

  • Jaana: New York! And Ghost Busters Head quater and East State Penn. And First trip together.
  • Jan: First trip with Jaana. (aaaww….)

The most Beautiful thing:

  • Jaana: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware shore (even though we didn’t see it, but we heard it) or watching sunset at Rockefeller Center.
  • Jan: hard to say.

Best food:

  • Jaana: Dogfish Heads Chocolate Stout cake with Bacon or Fette Sau.
  • Jan: Dogfish Head food.

Best day

  • Jaana: When I saw Ghostbusters headquater aka  Hook & Ladder 8. No!! Visit in East State Penn. Best. Day. Ever!
  • Jan: All of the days were good.

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: Coney Island / Brooklyn
  • Jan: Brooklyn

Weirdest thing:

  • Jaana: Highline
  • Jan: none.


  • Jaana: Carrie Bradshaw apartment in Greenwich
  • Jan: Dogfish head brewery was closed when we got there  (sorry sweetie, I got carried away in the East State Penn… XXX)

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana: Bring more food with me to Blind Tiger
  • Jan: No changes, quite good trip.

Breweries visited: 6

Beer drank: 62


New York

  • Ground Zero
  • Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty
  • Hook & Ladder 8
  • Sex and the City – Carries apartment
  • Brewery Rating: Blind Tiger
  • Brooklyn Bridge


  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadephia


  • Brewery Rating: Dogfish head

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