Roadtrip this far

Quick update from the road! We are in States now, 2 and half weeks behind us and yet fantastic 4 weeks to go!

We flew to Chicago but didn’t want yet to stay in Illinois so we drove straight to Indiana. We took our time in Michigan, home of great craftbeer and in Detroit we had the pleasure to visit Henry Ford Museum. Shame that we were in hurry, because it was fantastic!!!




That’s a place to visit! I took a lot of pictures, there’s two to get you in the mood!

In Detroit we took my friend with us and headed north: upper peninsula area in Michigan, main goal to head even further to hunt all those American Finnish areas. Thay took us to places called Oulu, Suomi and Finland and the climax was defenitely a family stay in Duluth, Minnesota in my friend Markus’Anerican relatives, Sharon and Scott and their cutiepie dog Truman! Thank you Sharon & Scott, we still talk about you guys, it was such a great thing to get to know you guys, yah!

While in north, we made couple of quick stops in Canada too, which was a new experience for me. Unfortunately Sault Ste Marie wasn’t the most beautiful part of Canada what I have seen in TV and Thunder Bay wasn’t that much better, so we have to visit Canada once more, to get to know the land better, to see it’s beautiful green forest!

After Minnesota it was time for Dakotas. New unvisited places for whole family. It was actually a surprise for me how mich I enjoyed North Dakota. I have seen so little of it and most of my knowledge of North Dakota is from Fargo movie and TV-serie so I thought I would have been bored. Turns out, I liked it! Even the plain fields were beautiful! And Mt Rushmore, Deadwood and Badlands in South Dakota… Wau!


This brings us to this day! We have stayed in Rapid City for three nights and it really had that much to offer. Soon we head to breakfast buffet to make our iwn waffles and to scoop gravy to our bisquits, pack our stuff and head again to Wyoming. After a night in Cheyenne it’s daddy’s free night which he spends in Great American Beer Festival while mommy is hitting the local Savers. This is what you can call a win-win -situation! And in Sunday, it’s Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, “the Shining Hotel”. Not the one in the Film, the one in the book!!! Uuu, spooky!!

Meanwhile you can follow us in the Instagram

And if you like more “personal” puctures, our “behind the scenes” pictures can be found in here

we loved to make new friends so if you are near by, please don’t hesitate to contact! Jaana . Rosenbergh ( a ) gmail . Com


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