West Coast Road Trip

west coast road trip otsikko

I have to say I was over excited when FINALLY I had the possibility to visit Los Angeles. I’m a huge movie freak and my expectations about that place were off the roof!

Miles Driven : about 3846 miles (6190 km)

States Visited: 4 (California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington)

Cities/town visited: about 69

Motel / Hotels rated: 18 different hotels / motels

Average rate for accommodation: 3,0

Accommodation costs: $1413,86, making average accommodation cost $65,33

Dream come true:

The most Beautiful thing:

Best food:

  • Jaana: Pupusas in Cartlandia, Portland or Bellagio’s Breakfast (little bit different style and different prize level… haha). Or Caesar Salad at Caldera Brewing Company.
  • Jan: Food on that area was good, hard to pick just one.

Best day

  • Jaana: Last day (not because of the going home part, that sucks always, but because of the Universal Studio!)
  • Jan: San Diego, Portland and Bend

Best Town / City

  • Jaana: Too many choices! Bend was nice to drive in (I hate driving in foreign cities), Portland is always cool and relaxed place to visit, Fort Bragg (for why, let that be a secret ;D, San Francisco…I will go with San Francisco! Love the streets!
  • Jan: San Diego, Portland and Bend

Best / Favorite hotel / motel:

Weirdest thing:


  • Jaana: Hollywood and Walk of Fame, Chinese theater
  • Jan: wasn’t able to visit Ballast Point in San Diego (we didn’t find it) as well as Stones in Escondido.

What would I do differently next time

  • Jaana: Perhaps reserved one more day to Oregon’s coast. It’s really pretty area and I would like to get to know the Pacific Graveyard area better, do little hiking in there seeking those shipwrecks. And visit Alcatraz.
  • Jan: More time in San Diego

Breweries visited: 43 breweries

Beer drank: only in Bend 47 samplers in one night! 359 in total.


Hopefully this Initiary helps you guys to plan also your greatest road trip ever! ;D

Links that are bold are spots, that I really really recommend, they were fantastic, legendary or other ways just plain cool. Check them out, perhaps they end up on your bucket list. Page will be updated when I get the posts done.

DAY 1: Tampere – Helsinki Air port – Charles De Gaulle, France – LA – Joshua Tree

DAY 2:  Joshua Tree, California – El Cajon, California

DAY 3:  El Cajon, California – Escondido, California

DAY 4: Escondido, California – Ridgecrest, California

DAY 5: Ridgecrest, California – Las Vegas, Nevada

DAY 6: Las Vegas

DAY 7: Las Vegas, Nevada – South Lake Tahoe

DAY 8: South Lake Tahoe – Chico

DAY 9: Chico – Ashland

DAY 10: Ashland – Bend

DAY 11: Bend – Gresham

DAY 12: Gresham – Portland

DAY 13: Portland – Newport

DAY 14: Newport – Fort Bragg

  • Cape Perpetua, Devils Churn and Pacific Coast scenic Byway, US 101
  • Sea Lion Cages
  • Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, Brandon, Oregon
  • Humboldt Redwood State Parks
  • Motel Rating: Travelodge, Fort Bragg
  • Brewery rating: North Coast Brewing company

DAY 15: Fort Bragg – Santa Rosa

  • Fort Bragg & Glass Beach
  • Brewery rating: Anderson Valley Brewing Co
  • Brewery rating: Bear Republic Brewing company
  • Motel rating: Economy Inn, Santa Rosa
  • Brewery Rating: Russian River
  • Brewery Rating: Lagunitas

DAY 16: Santa Rosa – San Francisco

  • Battery Spencer
  • Golden Gate
  • Baker Beach & Lucky the super star dog
  • Point Lobos
  • San Francisco & Vintage Firehouse
  • Twin Peaks
  • Restaurant Review: Rosamunde sausage grill
  • Motel Rating: Surf Motel, San Francisco
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Chinatown

DAY 17: San Francisco

DAY 18: San Francisco – Buellton

  • Fort Point
  • Winchester house
  • Santa Cruz
  • Pacific Grove marine Gardens
  • 17 mile drive
  • Rocky Creek Bridge, Cabrillo HWY
  • Julia Pfeffer Burns State Park
  • Pedras Blancas Elephant seal Rookery
  • San Luis Bubble Gum Wall
  • Motel Ratings: Days Inn, Buellton, California
  • Brewery rating: Firestone Walker Brewery

DAY 19: Buellton – Los Angeles

DAY 20: Los Angeles – Venice Beach

DAY 21: Venice Beach – Helsinki

Jan always does Excel about our trip, where we can see the hotels, places to visit, what hotel has to offer, accommodation price and planned miles. Here it is for all of you guys, hopefully you find it helpful on planning your own trip.