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Are You on the field that is needed when road tripping?

Our niche in travels is road tripping. We have done 20 trips and only one of them didn’t include driving in our destination. In our blog we write

In other words we have blogged everything you need and do when you are road tripping. In future we will have also

  • car rental reviews
  • tips on the road, traveling with a toddler & packing and
  • deeper thoughts of what is happening around us and can we make it better and how can we learn from others (both good and bad examples), niche again in traveling


In our blog biggest amount of readers come from Finland, USA and Brazil. Our blogging languages are both Finnish and English, that’s why we have such a wide demographic. In Instagram it’s more widely spread, as well as in Twitter too. Facebook has mainly readers from Brazil. For more detailed media kit, please leave a message in box below.


Together with my husband during last 4 years we have travelled in 20 countries & in 30 states + DC. Upcoming road trip to US & Canada will change this to 21 countries & 39 states + DC. Because of my Husband has travelled more than me (both in Europe and in USA), after this trip his score will be 40 countries & 49 states + DC. Only state he hasn’t visited will be Alaska. We have travelled in US five times before this.

  1. New York – Delaware –road trip (5 states, 10 days)
  2. From Chicago to New Orleans and back (16 states, 5500 miles, 30 days)
  3. Appalachian road trip: (6 states + DC, 2800 miles, 2 weeks)
  4. West Coast road trip: California, Nevada, Oregon & Washington (4300 miles, 4 states, 3 weeks.)
  5. Honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii. 1,5 weeks.

FALL 2016

kartta mukaan kirjeeseen

We got chance of our lifetime to take 6 weeks trip to USA and we decided to take as much out of it as we can. We are going to visit 16 states and Ontario, that’s about 7000 miles. This why we need a trustworthy car that can take us to ice, snow, plains, mountains, ghost towns, big cities.. Everything you can imagine to be found between Thunder bay, Ontario, Canada and San Antonio, Texas. This time we wanted to take slow, because we will have our at the time 7 months old baby boy with us and we want it to be joyful and fun trip for him too.

Some of the plans are done where we will visit

  • Shipwreck museum in Michigan
  • Old Ford factory in Detroit
  • Fargo
  • Deadwood
  • Great American Beer festival in Denver
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Stanley Hotel in Colorado
  • Ghost towns in Texas
  • Barbeque & Jester King in Austin
  • Roswell
  • Visit Moore in Oklahoma to see have they been able to rise after the hurricane strike. We visited Moore 6 months after the hurricane strike and now we want to revisit it.

My husband also wishes to visit a NBA game if we are on right place on a right time.


Date Day City for the night Miles
16.9.2016 Fri Chicago, IL 24,5
17.9.2016 Sat Kalamazoo, MI 205,0
18.9.2016 Sun Grand Rapids, MI 50,3
19.9.2016 Mon Detroit, MI 157,0
20.9.2016 Tue Detroit, MI
21.09.16 Wed Traverse City, MI 255,0
22.09.16 Thu Sault Ste Marie, ON 161,0
23.09.16 Fri Marquette, MI 226,0
24.09.16 Sat Hancock, MI 129,0
25.09.16 Sun Duluth, MN 217,0
26.09.16 Mon Thunder Bay, ON 189,0
27.09.16 Tue Embarrass, MN 196,0
28.09.16 Wed Baxter, MN 163,0
29.09.16 Thu Fargo, ND 134,0
30.09.16 Fri Bismarck, ND 196,0
01.10.16 Sat Deadwood, SD 309,0
02.10.16 Sun Rapid City, SD 181,0
03.10.16 Mon Rapid City, SD 46,7
04.10.16 Tue Rapid City, SD 116,0
05.10.16 Wed Cheyenne, WY 302,0
06.10.16 Thu Denver, CO 102,0
07.10.16 Fri Denver, CO 0,0
08.10.16 Sat Longmont, CO 45,1
09.10.16 Sun Estes Park, CO 32,8
10.10.16 Mon Cañon City, CO 238,0
11.10.16 Tue Santa Fe, NM 278,0
12.10.16 Wed Albuquerque, NM 64,7
13.10.16 Thu Midland, TX 405,0
14.10.16 Fri San Antonio, TX 325,0
15.10.16 Sat Austin, TX 109,0
16.10.16 Sun Austin, TX 0,0
17.10.16 Mon Garland, TX 214,0
18.10.16 Tue Oklahoma City, OK 209,0
19.10.16 Wed Oklahoma City, OK 0,0
20.10.16 Thu Tulsa, OK 107,0
21.10.16 Fri Kansas City, MO 272,0
22.10.16 Sat Des Moines, IA 190,0
23.10.16 Sun Cedar Rapids, IA 174,0
24.10.16 Mon Decorah, IA 106,0
25.10.16 Tue Bloomington, MN 164,0
26.10.16 Wed Bloomington, MN 0,0
27.10.16 Thu La Crosse, WI 147,0
28.10.16 Fri Madison, WI 146,0
29.10.16 Sat River Grove, IL 137,0
30.10.16 Sun River Grove, IL 0,0
31.10.16 Mon Chicago, IL 14,6
01.11.16 Tue  Fly to Helsinki
Total 6737,7
avg miles per day 149,73


we want to show people that it’s possible to travel with little child and even important: when you have your most important thing with you, safety is the key, it’s the most important thing!. 

We have three causes near our heart that we want to deliver through our journey


One thing that people usually regret is that they didn’t travel. We don’t want to be one of those people. Even more so, people use children as an excuse not to travel, “you can’t travel with a little child”. For me, when I met my husband, my world changed because he gave me the world. Now we want to give that world to our child, our baby boy Douglas.

This is especially the part where we need your help: we want to show people that it’s possible to travel with little child and even important: when you have your most important thing with you, safety is the key,  it’s the most important thing!

 Other two is little bit more specific, not so visible:

2. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PRODUCTS (in our case this will be local breweries & local dishes) and even more important


My husband is Finland’s 3rd toughest beer rater in Finland (you can compare it to wine tasting). Road tripping and beer hobby goes, in healthy, legal way, nicely together: on our trips we find local breweries and visit them and buy bottles to go. Especially Michigan & Oregon are great for “ale trail”, Oregon has over 200 breweries and Michigan is proud of what they have, “Drink local” is their motto.

Even more important from locality is our arrangement: If my husband visits breweries and taste samplers, I will drive. I’m always designated driver on our trips. If some town has especially good brewery, we usually stay the night in that town. We will also be participating (if we get the tickets) to USAs largest beer festival Great American Beer Festival, GABF, in Denver October 6th- 8th. GABF is fantastic in this cause also: they have lower ticket prices for designated drivers.


For our upcoming US -trip we are looking for sponsors / co-operation partners in field of transportation, accommodation and mobile services. Brands that we have blogged, are brands that we trust and we can relate to their ethics: Ecological and ethical.

We are also looking up partners in

  • baby food, diapers, equipments and strollers (specially “green diapers” are welcomed, we don’t want to grow our carbon foot print any higher)
  • thrift stores
  • cameras
  • attractions
  • craftbeer
  • etc

If You have an idea, please leave a comment box below.

What can Destination: Vacation US offer?

For the gratitude towards our traveling partners generosity or co-operation, blog post will be published of the service / product / accommodation we have received. Every blog post will be published in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path and linked to Pinterest. For places there will be also check -in in Swarm with little recommendation and products will be reviewed for one customer review site, based on supporters wish (own web site / Amazon etc).We also use actively Instagram and when there is possibility for it, we will use also Periscope. With generous sponsorship we offer the rights for our material.

If you have ideas, suggestions, questions etc. please contact either jaana. rosenbergh ( a ) or box below. Contacts in English or Finnish, please.



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